Forty to sixty phase for a woman is very impactful and needs building energy levels to have a sustainable living. At 40, you need to catch up with your talent, appreciation of life, focus on productive lifestyle that will take you through to 50.

This is the time women start menopausing, find it hard to cope with hormonal changes; if married, the perspective of relationship changes from romance to responsibility, when children leave homes with fluttering wings, we are unable to match that energy and there is emptiness. It is useful to start building an awareness of life and living patterns and be wise to handle changing circumstances in life. Children have to leave the nest and of course it happens at the most crucial phase of your life. In today’s social media world, it is hard to keep pace with life as the speed at which our lives are changing is very drastic.

Since our bodies are changing internally, these bodily changes need a quick return to healthy eating, with workouts to fit in to the clothes of the past sizes. Such issues add to the other kinds of stress that life throws at us. Looks are so important today that the stress levels increase at 50. I am not judging the changing times, it is normal. We need to build an immune system from within that can see us through different phases of life.

Elderly parents may tend to give up on their health and feel nervous about their life support system. We live in guilt, as we are unable to take care of the elders, exhaustion, changing priorities and managing a facade of being busy and living life to the fullest. How will you reach 60 and live a full and complete life if you’re already drained in your 40s and 50s?

Allow the knowledge of life turn into wisdom that will be your float to swim through this phase. Learning at every stage of life with care and humility will make you strong forever. Wasting time living by the standards that others set for you will destroy your peace completely. When you reach 60, your youth bounces back so you reinvent yourself with all the accumulated talent and purposeful life that you started to live when you were 40. Enjoy the journey with different colours of life. Sixty is the best phase, you feel young, and suddenly the universe opens up many opportunities. Learn to embrace all of it. Share that joy with everyone and bring that smile on others faces. Give back to the world not through charity alone but by setting an example of a holistic and meaningful lifestyle and help to touch many lives at every step of your life.

– By Vasantha Vaikunth, Holistic lifestyle coach and dancer.