How would you describe your sense of style?
Traditional Tamil Cinema: that is my style. Being a great fan of our Tamil golden era movies, they inspired me a lot in various things, particularly in my sense of dressing.

How do you feel when you dress up as actresses from your favourite era?
To be frank, I really feel unique and proud, because I can show the world our traditions and how great our Tamil film culture is through my dressing style. I have even received appreciation from NRIs and foreigners. I consider this as my success.

Where did you pick up this interest in retro fashion?
I am a great fan of golden era Tamil movies and I just started to recreate some of my favorite movie scenes during my leisure time. But fortunately, many senior citizens and people who belonged to that era blessed me through their videos and encouraged me to do more such videos.

Who is your style guru when it comes to retro fashion?
I love Saroja Devi a lot and it has always been a pleasure to imitate her. My mom supported me in every aspect. She was the one who found the Saroja Devi in me, without her support none of this would have happened.

What is your favorite retro style?
I love the style of the 40s which came immediately after the Black&White era. All movies had beautiful contrasts of colours with a lot of glitz and glamour. The hair and makeup from that era was just a perfect combination of modern and classic.

What would you like to say to retro fashion enthusiasts?
I first started doing videos of this kind on TikTok and received a huge response from people across various cities. All of the comments and messages regarding my content were all positive. That’s when I realized that my content is being enjoyed by many and that motivated me. So my advice for budding retro dressers is, “take pride in what you do. Don’t second think yourself. Believe in what you do.”