Hi Auraa Premium Ionized Water with positive vibrations, powerful essential minerals and antioxidant properties, infused with good vibes is now in namma Chennai. Delivered regularly at your doorstep with no extra cost, it is the best water for good health. The last three years have taught everyone across the world to focus on our health so this is the need of the hour. Founder Archit Chajjer of Fresh Viibe Water, a Cardiff University graduate and woman entrepreneur Shradha Archit have launched Hi Auraa, the brand of finest water to nourish our body for good health after years of intensive research.

Archit states, “We give positive vibration frequency to our water. Water is essential for all life on, in, and above the earth. Water carries memories. How we act with water, it will react back equally, so we give positive aura vibrations to all our filling stations, tanks and surroundings. We are currently present in Chennai and Kanchipuram and plan to take Hi Auraa the finest water brand to Bangalore and Hyderabad next and pan India in the coming years. We are changing the current unorganised water market to safe and clean water handling till it reaches your homes.

When we saw how a lot of people had low immunity during Covid times, we took it as a challenge and after consulting many doctors and a lot of research and understanding we launched our ionized water. RO water is not good for health, as it doesn’t have minerals.”

He adds, “Once people realise the benefits of alkaline ionized water they will never go back to the regular water that they’re drinking. We have proven scientific facts on how people remain healthy and tend to fall less sick , their hair and skin health improves drastically, there’s no weight gain, besides other health benefits as every drop of this water penetrates their cells. There are many expensive machines in the market but our idea was to make purest, cleanest and healthiest water available conveniently, while keeping it affordable and hygienic. We currently supply in convenient 15 litres jars (polycarbonate) 500 ml, 300 ml and 230 ml bottles. Many expats, doctors students etc. are using it and have discovered its benefits already. We have three different subscription models – 15 jars, 45 jars and 90 jars and for those who opt for 90 jars get 90 days of free yoga classes.” Hi Auraa, the finest water of India promises good health hence it’s recommended for school children too.


CLEANSED – Purified through art-of-art carbon and reverse osmosis filters, removing all toxins.

ENHANCED – Enhanced with powerful minerals and antioxidants and, brought to an optimum PH of 8.5 to 9.5.

INFUSED – Infused with good vibrations. Positive and healing frequencies are passed on to the water tanks.

PRESERVED – Bottled in a BPA-free Polycarbonate jars and delivered hygienically right after it’s bottled to your doorstep.

How does Hiauraa maintain its quality water?

PREMIUM QUALITY WATER JARS – Their jars are made with high quality Poly-Carbonate material which is BPA-free and doesn’t produce toxins.

ZERO DELIVERY CHARGE – When you subscribe to this water, it is periodically delivered to your doorstep at no extra cost to you.

NEVER SITS ON SHELVES – Any bottled water quality degrades with time. That is why they bottle their water daily and deliver the following day.

NO EXPOSURE TO SUNLIGHT – Jar water’s quality degrades when exposed to sun rays. That’s why they transport and deliver the jars in closed vehicles.

SYSTEMATIC AND HYGIENIC DELIVERY PROCESS – From their factory to your doorstep, all their services are in-house. There are no middlemen and that ensures a high quality service.


Equivalent to fine spring water, this water is packed with goodness of minerals and antioxidants that provides you with ample health benefits.

SUPERIOR HYDRATION- Smaller water molecules in ionized water are more readily absorbed by your cells at an above-normal rate and thus, hydrating you faster and longer.

RELIEVES ACIDITY- Alkaline nature of our water helps neutralise excessive stomach acid, helping your body to regulate acid reflux and other acidity problems.

BOOSTS IMMUNITY – Neutralising acids in your body results in improved digestion and better metabolism, boosting your immunity.

ANTI-AGING PROPERTIES – Being rich in Antioxidants, free radicals are filtered out of your body, pumping the breaks on the ageing process of your skin and muscles.

ENHANCED ENDURANCE – Eliminates lactic acid buildup in muscles after workout, 4 times quicker than normal water, enhancing your daily endurance.

DETOXIFIES BODY – Helps in getting rid of toxins from your body by aiding gut health and improving your digestion.

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Call: 76 95 95 95 97