Inspired by the philosophy of Wabi Sabi that encourages us to embrace the beauty of imperfection and appreciate the inherent splendour in all natural things, the restaurant at The Oberoi is an exercise in confident and creative interior design.

While Chef Randy has retained the popular classics of Wabi Sabi’s original menu which continue to be diner favourites, he has worked on a refreshing new take in signature sushi rolls, sashimi platters, small plates and mains. Both the original Wabi Sabi fans and virgins alike will be pleasantly surprised.

Chef Randy who hails from Philippines and considers himself a global citizen is always keen to explore the new and has been travelling many parts of the globe for past two decades. He has led several kitchens in boutique restaurants to large scale operations in luxury hotels and his passion for Japanese cuisine has led him to become an expert in creating playful flavours with professional finish.

Some of the must-haves on the new menu include Wabi Sabi Signature Sushi like Viva Zapata – baked teriyaki berenjenas, sweet bean curd, yuzu koshō mayo, green pepper and shiso sauce, Crimson Tide – forbidden rice, roast bell peppers, Peruvian asparagus, pickled daikon, shichimi soy milk caviar, miso wafer, The Gold Rush – crab meat, avocado, cucumber, orange & black tobiko, tempura flakes and sriracha mayo, Tropic Thunder – crispy soft shell crab, shiso leaf, cucumber, lettuce, takuan, mango jelly and spicy kewpie, Blazing Inferno – tenderloin carpaccio, cream cheese, truffle shiitake aioli and nikiri tare glaze, Slammin’ Salmon – salmon tartare, gunkan, torched salmon, avocado and spicy unagi sauce, Yakuza Godfather – yuzu chicken, ponzu tomatoes, caramelised onions, cheese and herb sauce. Also try the Omakase Platters – Ninja Platter that serves two types of sashimi, four types of nigiri and two types of signature maki.

Don’t give the Japanese Spinach and Sesame Salad a miss from the Asian Small Plate section. The salad is tossed with green apple, shiitake mushrooms, caramelized nuts and gomae dressing. Some of the other dishes from this section are Tempura Moriawase – assorted seafood and vegetable tempura, tentsuyu daikon dip, yuzu chilli sauce, Nikkei Salmon – capers, shallot rings, green apple, cashew crumble, bubu arare, pickled jalapenos, Amarillo Spiced Yakitori with chicken skewers, Peruvian yellow chilli sauce and scallion.

The Japanese Mains are also a must try. The Chilean Seabass with Citrus Shiso Butter comes with a side of Peruvian asparagus, charred cherry tomatoes and microgreens salad and is subtle yet with flavours that are delightful. The Sous Vide Spring Chicken is cooked with a pistachio and mint crust, shichimi baby potatoes, sunomono vegetables and yuzu amarillo sosu. The Flamed Lobster is cooked with garlic butter and served with pickled shimeji and pok choy with togarashi and meyer lemon. Also, do try the Barbequed Lamb Chops with takuan, Valencia orange, creamy wasabi potatoes and Japanese barbeque sauce.

Where: Wabi Sabi, The Oberoi Bengaluru Hotel.