It was dark and rainy outside. But inside the hip new book bar, the mood was sunny. I pick up my mocha and walk over to a woman’s table, thinking of the funniest moment in my life. That put a smile on my face as I asked her, “What, are you shy or something?” She’s confused.

“NO, why?”

“Because I’ve been sitting at the next table for at least 30minutes and you haven’t come over to say ‘hi’ to me!”

I don’t stop there. I tell her that I want to set her up on a date and point out some funny-looking guys for her in the book lounge. Then, I ask her to pick out some girls for me. It works. She picks. I dismiss it. I pick. She dismisses. Finally, we agree to take each other out and the mission is accomplished.

On another occasion, I try the same trick, with a small twist. Instead of picking guys for her, I just sit there, playing the game of ‘favourites’. I go back and forth with the woman naming my preferred things. My favourite ice cream, restaurants, and so on. Every now and then, I spice it up by taking it to the extreme and asking her, what’s the craziest experience she’s ever had in a restaurant, or the most bizarre food she’s ever tried.

Okay, got you sufficiently interested? Then, here are a few ways to pick up women. At bars, cab rides, restaurants, cafes, and even public places like libraries, metro stations and bus stops. In fact, you might have more chances of success at places other than a bar, because women would be least expecting someone to hit on them.

ABCs of attraction…

1. Confidence can make or break your act. Think of the first time you were successful with someone or something while you walk up to her. With this tack, she is more likely to be friendly and open to you, and whatever you say.

2. Once in front of her, don’t resort to routine talk. At all costs. Make it as exciting and entertaining right out of the gate. Say the unexpected. Do the undone. Show and tell. But stay away from going over the top on both counts. You don’t want her to run away before your plan gets a hard-on.

3. See eye to eye with her and never a few inches down. That will only signal to her that you want nothing more from her than a little horizontal action.

4. Stop approaching her with the only intention of picking her up. When you do, she will do a good turn and be game to chit-chat with you. Go out with the attitude that you are going to have a great time with her, with no strings attached.

5. Don’t take this game of picking up girls too seriously. And particularly, the pubs and clubs you frequent. Only consider them as your practice arena and things will begin to happen right away. With the pressure off, your drooping shoulder will straighten up and the girl in front warms up to your confidence and ‘laidback’ vibe.

6. Try the weekends when the numbers are more and the odds are less. But make no mistake. On any given day, there are more men than women. You have to stand out. One way is to walk in with attractive women. When you do, you’ll find meeting women becomes natural and effortless as you walk into a bar or cafe with them.

7. Alcohol can sometimes ruin things. You could either have a sloppy make out or you might manage to get her phone number that will be worthless the next day since she’ll forget about you.

8. Play the numbers game. Don’t leave the house unless you have an intent to approach at least 10 girls at the bar, library or metro station.

9. Use funny openers. They work much better at night. A good one to use is to pick a celebrity you kind of look like, then go up to a group of girls and say, “hey guys, do I look like *celebrity* (name someone you closely resemble).” After they answer, tell them you were wondering because the last girl you talked earlier said you looked like him and you weren’t sure if she was serious or
joking around.

10. Stop caring what women think of you. If you bomb, do you really think the girls are going to remember you a day from now? Even if you get a number after talking to her for 15minutes, they might forget you.

Statutory warning: Conversation can get you any woman. If you suck at this, don’t do any of the above unless you have the bod of an Adonis and she is his biggest fan.