THE GUT–A simple yet powerful three- letter word and something I have come to think of as beautiful. Whether you are new to understanding your GUT or need a refresher and if you’re like many others who thought the GUT was just our stomach, a little trip back to BIOLOGY is essential to understand why people might have health issues and how fascinating our bodies really are.

GUT HEALTH relates to our entire digestive tract which is the barrier between our body and the environment. That means the food doesn’t really get into the body until long after we’ve eaten and it has passed through our GUT lining’s defense barrier and into our bloodstream. Playing the most important role in the functioning of our bodies, this powerful organ equips us with an incredible 70% of our body’s immunity.

If guarded well it can make you healthy and even wealthy and wise.

I remember my mother shouting out – Listen to your GUT- she never once told me to listen to my BRAIN. As an anxious child I would often get butterflies in my stomach, mind you NOT in my head. If you have ever had to rush to the loo before an interview or exam you can blame your GUT. Our GUT produces 90% of serotonin, a neuro- transmitter that makes us feel good and release happy hormones. It’s interesting to know there is a bidirectional link between the brain and GUT called THE GUT BRAIN AXIS. Growing research suggests that the GUT-BRAIN Axis may influence our mood and ability to regulate stress. To take that job or not, eat that cookie or not, this connection is constantly sending us signals …wouldn’t you agree?

HIPPOCRATES -the father of modern day medicine was right! Every time we eat or drink or expose ourselves to chemicals and hormones we are either feeding diseases or fighting it.

Our body is more bacteria then cells-100 trillion of them are scattered in various parts of our body and becoming essential for boosting immunity and cognitive fitness. A dis-balanced Gut is a red flag to a host of chronic diseases like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) constipation, stress, acidity, inflammation, feeling low and depressed, headaches and migraines and so much more.

The pandemic has been hard on our overall health and made us aware of the importance of a strong immune system. Research has shown that Covid patients who lack good bacteria have weaker immunity to fight the virus.

As an integrative health coach, I constantly look to ways of optimising GUT health by introducing foods to support the digestive system and making the right lifestyle changes. GUT wisdom is crucial to support healthy detoxification and makes it 100% worth to give it the attention it deserves.

Is your check engine light on?

1) TRUST YOUR GUT- By honouring our GUT feelings and instincts we build trust in ourselves

2) STRESS LESS—how we feel emotionally can affect our GUT physically.

3) EAT WITH INTENTION- Mindful eating is a way to listen and tune into your GUT.

4) KITCHEN CONFIDENCE- Good GUT health starts in the kitchen and builds confidence in your ability to be your own best chef.

Food can either fuel health or it can fuel disease. Processed and sugary foods are the most obvious culprits, but underlying food sensitivities to even so-called healthy foods can lead to inflammation that can damage the GUT. This goes to show the immense power of the foods you put on your plate. Medications have side effects and while many antibiotics can be life- saving, frequent use kill the bacteria in our GUT. Over consumption of alcohol or even occasional for those dealing with a severe GUT dysfunction can irritate the intestines and suppress the hormones.

An elimination diet works well to see which foods your body loves and hates, rotating with different foods can also give much needed nutrients and keep the immune system balanced.

Probiotic rich fermented foods like Sauerkraut, Kimchi will re-inoculate our micro biome with good bacteria. Another Harvard Study found that GUT bacteria can improve in just three days after making a healthy dietary change. You’ve GUT an Oscar-winning gut, folks!

A GUT babe for life, my journey of self- transformation has been an enriching and elevating one.

My IKIGAI to nourish my temple and everything that enters my body is with intention and for my highest good.

– By Sana Chawla. Sana is an integrative Health coach and NLP Practitioner, who believes that a nutrient dense diet can destroy everything, stress sucks life force, exercise is non-negotiable, joy is utterly contagious and having fun must be taken very seriously. Be the bridge, seek the bridge and show others the way.