The brain child of a very vibrant team brewed the concept across the table at Time Square. The menu of Wings Factory is as vivid as the two contrasting personalities, Dhina and Imran, resulting in flavours for every taste. Their over-the-drinks talk gave birth to the amazing idea of Wings Factory, making it the most demanded inside Time Square. The brand is gingerly crafted and cherry picked to quench the appetite of the food lovers and it has slowly spread its wings now in Chennai.

It is now an independent cloud kitchen in T. Nagar. The idea of the team and chef’s skills are being brought to your table in various platters.

You can expect a plethora of vivid wings from as many as 40 flavours to choose from – Continental, Indian & Chinese. Each flavour is an experiment by the chefs to bring the different flavours of the world to your plate – hot African spicy wings for the spice lovers to the sweet strawberry for the sweet tooth foodies. For the people who are smitten with Asian flavours, there are choices like Thai curry wings and Asian Zing Wing. For the nativity touch Wings Factory has Tandoori Wings and Hot Mango Wings. Wings Factory tailor cuts and customises to the individual’s palate. They also serve the classic Buffalo wings as tangy and spicy as you wish it to be.

You can choose from both bone and boneless chicken wings in all the flavours, taking care of meat lovers who feel bones to be the deterrent between them and their food.

What we recommend: Tandoori Wings, Lemon & Pepper, Hot & Creamy, Hot & Spicy, Honey Barbeque, Spicy Garlic are a few of the must try from their menu. Taste it once, you will crave for more.

How to order: Wings of your choice can be ordered through Swiggy or Zomato.