It is festival time in India, and Diwali is one of the most important festivals celebrated all over the country. It is celebrated with extra joy and happiness since it is a festival celebrated by everyone all across India and around the globe. Therefore, despite India being a country characterised by a broad spread population based on various cultures, communities, and religions, Diwali remains a festival celebrated equally by all Indians, regardless of race, religion, or case.

One of the most critical factors that make a festival more meaningful is the joy and happiness associated with the celebration, and Diwali is undoubtedly one of those. To make this festival even more meaningful and joyful, people usually choose to give gifts to loved ones, relatives, and close friends.
Another form of gifting widely practiced in India is corporate gifting since all industries and business owners now realise that corporate gifting is a necessary part of the celebration.

Corporate gifts are a fantastic way to develop relationships with clients, potential customers, and employees. Nevertheless, not all corporate gifting decisions are made consciously. We need to ask ourselves these few questions before deciding upon corporate gifting:

Do our gifts receive the response we expect? What are we giving aligns with the values of our company? Are the presents exciting and thoughtful, or are they standard, mass-produced goods? How do these gifts affect recipients, the community, and the world?

Conscious Corporate Gifting:
What is it?
When it comes to conscious corporate gifting, every given product is ethically-made and sustainably produced. Rather than sending mass-produced gifts that end up in the trash, think of gifts from brands that share your values.

Verify that your gifts are made with authenticity, honesty, purity, and sustainability. There can be products in a category that range from nutritional supplements to essentials for the home and beauty.

Conscious Corporate Gifts: Benefits
You are limiting the potential of your facility when you send your client a generic, mass-produced gift. It has been proven that sharing thoughtfully chosen gifts with clients and colleagues can increase your self-confidence, relation and make you feel excited. It is imperative to note that these products are sourced from brands that are committed to doing things the right way. This is no matter how costly or how long it may take. Providing these gifts to your clients and coworkers is a meaningful way to demonstrate the true ethos of your company.

Conscious Corporate Gifting provides companies with the following benefits:
Supports the local economy and local businesses.
The company can demonstrate its values by giving gifts from brands that share similar values.

Companies can demonstrate care and consideration for people, and the environment to increase their reputation and brand value.
Give gifts by brands making a positive difference in the world to drive conversation and connect.
Stand out from other companies that give impersonal, mass-made products by being unique and thoughtful at every stage.

Here’s to mindful gifting!
Nothing is more important than expressing your love for the people you cherish, not the gift itself. Embrace mindful gifting and embed health, ethical wellness, and holistic living in your beloved. A thoughtfully curated selection of treats will make the occasion auspicious and memorable.

The act of giving sustainably and with intention may be a new experience for you this holiday season. However, it can be practiced all year long.

By purchasing ethical brands, you are embracing the power of being socially responsible with your finances. By supporting small businesses, you can also make a direct, tangible contribution to your community and to yourself.

-Luke Coutinho is a Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle (Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine) Specialist and co-founder, You Care Lifestyle.