This year felt like the end of the world, no? All through 2020, I felt like we were reliving Avengers: Endgame. This year really made us feel like life is indeed super uncertain. Looking back, I cannot help but giggle at the fact that a flying mammal did more damage to us than all the natural disasters combined. But wait, maybe it wasn’t a bat and maybe the damage wasn’t that bad — but it sure shut the world down and that hasn’t happened in many many many years!

The quarantine proved to us that staying at home isn’t as much fun as we assumed it would be and when we did come out of the quarantine, many of us realised that we didn’t really need a daily routine in life to get by. Life is now all about the masks (real ones for once) and sanitizers and social distancing. We wanted vacations from work and now we want vacations from staying at home.
The lockdown seemed to be the biggest shock of the year, that’s till the death of George Floyd woke up the planet once more! What a movement that was, no? We also lost so so so many people this year and I cannot keep track anymore. We also lost a lot of animals in Australia thanks to wildfires and deforestation. Strangely, that saddens me more.

Closer home, cyclones have been having a field day in the Bay of Bengal. Amphan battered Odisha and Bengal and more recently Nivar decided that Puducherry needed a thorough wash-through. I just read that the cyclone (Burevi) brewing in the Andaman Sea is now just a depression and somehow, it doesn’t bother me or anyone around me. It made landfall, it rained. Life went on. It’s almost like we expect 2020 to give us its worst and we’re now convinced we’ll live through it! Bring it on, 2020! Show us what else you’ve got!

Are we tired? Yes! Are we fed up? Yes! Are we frightened? Definitely, no more!

While we’re all waiting for this crazy year to end, we’ve hardened ourselves up so much, an Endgame or an Armageddon like situation seems like just another walk in the park.

Here’s hoping 2021 is slightly kinder. And if it isn’t… who cares… we’re ready for anything!
Like, literally.