As we brace ourselves to enter a new year, it feels impossible to make predictions about the state of the world — and especially the state of fashion. The fashion industry has seen major shifts due to the pandemic. The future is still a bit questionable, but it’s becoming clearer that the events of the past few months will leave long-lasting effects on the way we shop, dress and talk about fashion. Here is a look at some fashion trends that reigned 2020 and might be strong enough to last well into 2021.



These extremely cosy-looking, hyper textural nails were a hot trend in 2015. The closure of salons led to a DIY approach to salon related services like nail treatments. Consumers started treating them as a small luxury while they stayed at home; hence a lot of nail trends emerged this year. This particular trend unexpectedly rose to fame as consumers were craving for sensory stimulation during a time of minimal contact during the pandemic.



Ayurveda, meaning ‘the science of life’ in Sanskrit, is a system focused on creating balance in the mind and body through natural medicine, diet, and ritualistic treatments. With beauty and wellness continuing to stay on top, consumers are looking at a more natural and pure approach to their routines with minimal usage of chemicals in their products. 2020 saw a huge rise in video content on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube where bloggers showcased DIY natural beauty treatments and also reviews of Organic/Ayurvedic brands.



People are taking extra steps to ensure they feel comfortable with how they look as social platforms such as Instagram become an addictive presence in our daily lives. The has led to the massive trend of the year — Guy Beauty, which now is not just restricted to the Gay community. Skincare has become one of the best-selling categories for men with products like oils, serums, masks and peels. This year kicked off with straight actor Ansel Elgort wearing glittery eye makeup to the Golden Globes and John Lewis opening its first male cosmetic counter, setting standards for the rest of the decade where male cosmetics will hit the mainstream.



Blush is one of those beauty products that does a lot but gets no credit. Blush has the ability to make anyone look fresh and rested, and adds a little dimension to an otherwise flat base look. With Nostalgia already being a big trend in 2020, a ‘70s era blush placement that involves the cheeks and temples was back this year. A lot of Instagram filters with heavy tints of blush were also highly popular and this trend is sure to stay for a while longer.



Another blast from the past were the twiggy-like spider lashes. These super exaggerated and elongated top and bottom lashes became a drugstore essential and was popularly a daily affair amongst its consumers.



These 80s-inspired oversized boyfriend blazers were a huge highlight of 2020. These ultra-modern blazers looked fresh and totally in-charge with a pair of straight-leg trousers or shorts. Colours that suited this trend were powder blue, charcoal, and neutrals. This trend was so versatile that one can easily dress this up or down for an effortlessly chic aesthetic.



We’ve officially been wearing face masks long enough to witness some trends emerge. Lockdown brides are going crazy with Bridal Masks that match their wedding attire, not just with colours but with embroidery, fabric and embellishments. As much as this trend slayed it last year, it is sure to stay till the end of this epidemic.



This year ruffles have made an extravagant comeback. Many Indian designers such as Arpita Mehta, Sabyasachi and Anamika Khanna are bringing in a completely new dimension to ruffles with sarees. Bollywood has a major role in making this trend huge. This has become synonymous with contemporary traditional sarees.



These super stylish cross body bags ruled 2020. These bags are a perfect blend of utility and fun, made fashionably. A sub trend also emerged with these where the straps were tied into a tiny knot. This sure was a great way to jazz up an outfit and definitely a practical way to do it.



These uber cool sunglasses were a fresh update to the traditional ones. Futuristic and sleek, these were one of the best accessories of the 2020. This could be worn oversized for maximum impact, or keep them small and colourful for a powerful punch. Bright or subtle, these shades were a favorite way to complete any outfit during the summer of 2020 and it’s clear that they are here to stay even in 2021 as they are still trending upwards.



Like it or not, the massive sneakers reigned 2020 and they aren’t going anywhere fast. These sneakers took sporty chic to a whole new level. This footwear is a perfect blend of luxury, leisure and comfort. This trend, a personal favourite goes with absolutely anything, pair it with a long skirt, sweatpants, jeans or even a fitted dress and you’ll be ready to run the world.



‘Nostalgia’ was big in 2020, which gave way to the ‘70s flare. With a thin upper leg and an exaggerated ankle these pants could be paired with a slim-fitting shirt or turtleneck to emphasize the bell bottom or even with an oversized hoodie and t-shirt for a more casual feel. No matter how you style these, you’ll have the appearance of super long and oh-so-stylish Instagram-worthy looks.



Since dressing down was a huge trend during lockdown the humble below-the-knee shorts evolved beautifully into dressy casuals post lockdown. Whether you rock these bottoms with a bold pattern or you keep it hot in a bright color, you can’t go wrong in these statement pieces. They look best with an open shirt and fresh sneakers.



A big blast from the past — ‘40s with high waisted trousers. This is a flattering style that comes back into fashion every few years, due to its versatility. Rock this trend with a tucked in tee or put a modern flirty twist on these traditional pants with an open shirt.