The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…whoever said it, was almost right…Although I would’ve preferred gut instead of stomach…Before anybody gets offended…by Man here, I mean Hu-Man.

You think with your brain and feel with your heart…the feeler and thinker in you has a super boss the GUT! Quite often you Gut decides what you think and what you feel…and if you aren’t feeling quite good…then it’s probably your Gut feeling.

Is there a link between the health of your gut and the risk of heart disease?
A recently published Harvard study only proved what Hippocrates knew all those decades back: there is a unidirectional link from the gut to the heart. A healthy gut is another important aspect to protect yourself against heart disease.

In fact, in my clinic we have wonderful equipment that shows, in real time, how jaggard your heart beat is when your gut, heart and brain are completely out of sync. As you go through the entire detox process to bring into coherent alignment your physical, mental and emotional systems you see (in real time) a beautiful wave of how your heart beat transforms.

In a very broad perspective…your heart is comfortable, happy and healthy as long as blood flows through your arteries without any roadblocks (technically called calcification).

Your arteries are designed to function a lot like the hose pipe in your garden. Flexible…willing to bend where required and ensure a steady uninterrupted flow. (Sigh…wish our spouses were designed the same way). Research shows arteries, abundantly nourished with Vitamin D and Vitamin K, continue to maintain their design as nature intended it to be. Yes…yes, Organ meat, Bananas etc are all great sources of these vitamins. But guess who determines how and how much of that Vitamin K from the banana reaches your arteries?

Your gut should essentially be home to trillions of good bacteria which play a key role in extracting the necessary nutrients from whatever wonder food you eat. They then flood your blood stream with these vital nutrients which nourishes your arteries as well as fuels every cell in your body.

Courtship to Honeymoon to Anniversary…as time passes by, you experience more austerity in your relationships…As you slowly begin to cross over to the 30s and 40s you will begin to experience the same austerity from your arteries. I know you won’t dare to ask why…we have spoken about the ‘why’…a gazillion times – deliberate lifestyle choices.

Not to fret…just as you have love gurus and relationship experts helping you rekindle romance to keep the spark in your relationship alive…your body also offers you redemption to rekindle your youthful self. We, Functional Medicine Advocates, are experts at anti-aging (anything) – Naturally!

Let’s dig deep first to the root of the
problem here:
Logically, when blood flow gets interrupted due to blocks or if the blood itself is carrying a lot more than…just blood (unwanted toxic waste), obviously it will struggle to travel around the body…especially against gravity. To add to it, if the pipeline itself over time begins to narrow down…thanks to the smoking and stress. In order to pump the blood to flow at the rate that your body needs, your heart needs to pump harder. Heart is a muscle…just as any other muscle, the harder you pump, the bigger it grows. As the heart grows, it begins to require more and more blood flow to maintain itself. This is when your Doctor’s coin big scary words like Acute Atherosclerosis, Cardiomyopathy, Congestive Heart Failure.

Good news, it takes years for this to happen. Hypertension, High Cholesterol (especially the bad kind) and High Triglycerides are some of the early indicators of clogged up and stiff arteries.
Arteries clog up or become stiff due to:
Loss of elasticity (that’s obvious duh!…for google its – reduced elastin/collagen)
Inflammations resulting from toxins (reactive oxygen species – if you want to research on Google)
Calcification (resulting from malnourishment – oh yes…you could be eating the most expensive super food yet be malnourished…I’ll tell you why) Endothelial dysfunction (this happens, especially when you smoke).

All of the above happens because your arteries are not getting much of what they require (well to be young and flexible) and they are getting too much of toxins that are leaking through the tiny pin prick holes in your gut.

Holes in the gut?!!! Yes! Caused by bad bacteria that are having a field day, munching on your gut lining, while the good bacteria are grasping at straws for survival in the extremely toxic environment you have curated in your gut.

What would a plumber do? The drainage is blocked, the waste water pipeline is leaking, the drinking-water pipeline is damaged, there is seepage of waste into the drinking water pipeline…with all the debris in the drinking water pipeline – the water pump is struggling…
Clean the waste first! No brainer…there!
Natural Anti-Aging for your Heart:

(Avoid risks of heart diseases…and if you already are battling heart challenges…
here’s how to naturally maintain a healthy HEART)

Colon Hydrotherapy to clean up the Gut pipelines.

Ozone Therapy to fix the seepage and destroy the bad bacteria in the Gut.

Probiotics to restore the required Gut microbes – good bacteria.

Chelating agents to clean up the toxins in the blood.

Aerobic exercises to rebuild the muscle long forgotten – Your Heart! As for those who cannot do intense exercise…we still have redemption there 😉

Nutritional IVs (drips in common parlance) to restore the pliability, clear the clogs and heal the arteries.

Nutritional Supplementation to restore the lost balance of required nourishment.
So the next time your Heart threatens to skip a beat…you know it’s time to pay attention to how you feel.

“Dare to connect with your heart. You will be lifting not only yourself and those you love and care about, but also the world in which you live.” – Doc Childre.