Did you know, even if you eat healthy and live absolutely stress free in an ideal world free of toxic environment, your body is aging? Oh yes, every time you move, chew and digest or even recover from an infection your body is releasing what is called internal toxins most of which are free radicals. Fortunately your body comes with a built-in mechanism to eliminate these toxins. However this process of eliminating internal toxins makes your body age – naturally. Which means you may not need to deal with hair loss or hide your grey hair way past 60 and perhaps live to a 90+…still feeling young!

Wanting to feel young has become one of the most demanding customer requirements in todays work…be it at skin care and dermatology centers or beauty parlors and salons. It has become such a commercially lucrative industry that it is almost impossible to watch even 30 mins of television without at least one commercial promising antiaging solution either for the hair or for the skin or for more energy.

We are aging faster today than humans have ever aged in the past 2000+ years of evolution. Has it ever crossed your mind that on your 35th Birthday your heart and brain are probably celebrating their 55th? And you are trying to hide patches of baldness, dealing with hair fall or lifeless skin with jawlines shying away behind a bloated face and fat generously settling along the waist and belly. Chronic lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, Cardiac Inconsistencies and even Infertility has become your sore companion.

Requiring reading glass, medications to manage your blood sugar or blood pressure levels, premenopausal symptoms, aches and pains are NOT natural and they sure are NOT a part of the Natural Aging process either.

Do you want to feel like you did in your 20s? Are you looking for a solution to reverse aging? Both internally and externally? To beat the aging process, you need to first understand what happens inside your body as you actually age?

Your body is made up of billions of cells. Each cell has numerous tiny atoms. Each atom has electrons orbiting around them. The healthier these cells are, the younger you feel. A healthy cell is made up of atoms with paired sets of electrons in their outer most orbit.

As you go through your daily routine of less sleep, more work, more stress and more junk food to deal with more stress and as you continue to indulge in a world with more radiation, more pollution and more pesticides…you are blisfully unaware that you are inviting an overload of unstable unhappy atoms with an upaired electron in its outer most orbit…these are called – ‘Free Radicals’. Free radicales are viscious. They can damage your arteries and get away with it, as cholestrol that takes the blame.

These Free Radicals enter your body and steal electrons from the atoms of your healthy cells, making the cells gradually breakdown. The process is quite similar to taking a bite off a whole apple and leaving it aside. The once fresh, insides, of the apple, turns brown. In scientific parlance this is called ‘Oxidative Stress’. Prolonged Oxidative Stress can even damage your DNA.

Have you tried applying lime juice to the surface of the cut apple? The apple stays fresh longer…this is exactly what our body also has…an innate admirable intelligence to deal with oxidative stress…called AntiOxidants. Anti-Oxidants stop oxidative stress by giving an electron to the free radical before it steals any from the healthy cell. Antioxidants either produced by the body or absorbed from the antioxidant rich food we consume.

One of the primary reasons we age is because we have way too many free radicals and not enough antioxidants to stop them.

Three simple and logical ways to battle this imbalance:
1. Reduce inlet of free radicals
2. Get rid of free radicals already in your body: DETOX
3. Boost your body’s antioxidant reserve to fight the rest.

It is common knowledge that reducing stress, exposure to radiation, cigarette smoke, alcohol, environmental pollution, consciously reducing time spent inside air conditioned environments and avoiding food that is processed, has preservatives, is labeled refined, homogenised or pasteurised will reduce the amount of free radicals and other toxins that enter the body.

You can also reduce free radical damage by including the following to your list:
1. Every thought you are thinking is creating a chemical reaction in your body. Positive happy thoughts enhances production of antioxidants. Your circle of friends and family also contribute to your thought process. Avoid people who discuss failures and illness.
2. Have a stress buster routine: what works for me is watching a funny television show or catching up with my girl friends. When things get overwhelming, punching a pillow or screaming in front of a mirror also does the trick.
3. Avoid or reduce toxins not just in your food also in your laundry detergents and cleaning utensils. We quite often fail to evaluate how much toxins we absorb from laundry detergents and washed dishes with toxic chemicals. Remember your skin is the largest organ in your body that absorbs and also detoxes your body. Clogging it with toxins only worsens the free radical – antioxidant imbalance. There are such simple, economically viable natural options that you can make at home from the kitchen waste. I have tried replacing my dish washing powder and liquid as well as floor cleaning liquid with natural bioenzyme cleaner made from orange and lime waste from my own kitchen and the result has been fascinating both for my dishes and my wallet.

I like 3 steps…they are easy to remember…so here’s another JUST 3 simple ways to boost your body’s antioxidant reserve:

1. You are what you absorb!
Your Gut is the key channel through which most of the nutritients get absorbed from the food you consume. However a gut clogged with toxins and fecal matter is incapable of absorption. The expensive AntiOxidant rich nutritious food you are deligently consuming is getting washed down your drain…quite literally. Get yourself a Gut cleanse at an Ayurvedic Center or a Colon Hydrotherapy at a Naturopathy Detox Center.

2. Glutathione is one of the more powerful antioxidants produced by the body and it is manufactured in your liver.
Get your Glutathione Up!
Consume food rich in sulphur, selenium and Vit C.
Supplement with turmeric extract, milk thistle, Vit B and Vit C
Sleep Well…sleep peacefully…sleep on time!
Cheer your liver up

Did you know that your liver plays a very key role in keeping you young? Glutathione production gets hampered when the liver gets clogged up with toxins. Hence it becomes imperative to undergo a liver detox atleast once a year. When your annual health check up results indicate marginal fatty liver…consider it the most auspicious time to book an appointment with a naturopath to detox your liver.

3.Ozone Therapy
Medical Ozone or O3 has gained significant attention over recent times. This supercharged oxygen when introduced into the body, has proven to show miraculous ability to reverse aging. With its admirable ability to significantly boost your body’s antioxidant reserve, Medical Ozone is the most natural sort after therapy administered by many dermatologists and naturopaths to reverse aging externally and internally. Ozone skin creams stimulate elastin and collagen. Ozone baths are highly recommended for a thorough skin detox and rejuvenation and helps rid the body of water retention. Ozone IVs detox the blood, scanvage the free radicles and heal damaged tissues and arteries. Ozone limb bagging is one of the most natural and humane way to treat diabetic foot. Ozonated oils heal burns and corns. Ozone head bagging also enhances hair growth and reduces hair fall. Bottomline Ozone Therpy administerd under the supervision of a trained medicaal professional is your best bet at reversing all signs of aging internally and externally.

Beauty maybe only skin deep but aging goes deep down to your bones!

Once you are internally cleansed, the radiance of having effectively battled aging would begin to shine through the lustre of your skin & hair and the sharpness of your jawline. Feel young forever with Happy thoughts | Healthy Food | Holistic Detox!

Dr. Ashmita Boopathy Moturi
M.D Alternative Medicine
MSc. Psychology
M.S Medical Engineering
Dip. Health Sciences (Nutritional Medicine)
Director: Wishing Well Healthcare
Founder and Director: NineO2 Detox and Wellness