Do you ever wonder if peace of mind is possible for you? Does the idea seem mystical, like a dream that can never be realized? For many, it sounds like a complicated matter, yet, when implemented, its simplicity is revealed. If we release fear and let go of our self-centred, egotistical worries, we can embark on a path to a peaceful life.

Where can we find peace? It is not found in our world. Turn on the news, and you find that there’s been another shooting, you see another family mourning, another debate, and look, we’ve just emerged from another election.

Are we at peace with what we’ve studied? Are we at peace with how we spend our days? What about our friendships and relationships? Have we found peace within our own families? Is there any hope for peace at all? I firmly believe the answer is yes. We just are not looking in the right places.

It is a great asset and advantage to be able to silence the mind when its services are not required. A person who can silence the inner chatter of their mind is free from worries, anxieties and fears. Making the mind peaceful and free from the compulsion of incessant thinking is possible, provided the proper training is undertaken. With the right exercises to master the mind, everyone can attain at least some measure of inner peace. True control of the mind is not just the ability to concentrate on one thought and disregard others. It is the ability to cleanse the mind completely and make it silent. This silence brings peace, contentment, happiness and bliss. This silence is not the silence of sleep. It is the silence of power, happiness, and enhanced awareness.

Acting based on our feelings is easy. You feel it. Then you do it. It’s like scratching an itch. There’s a sense of relief that comes along with it. The satisfaction is quick to come, but just as quick to leave us. But looking past our fickle feelings to do what is good/right adds meaning to our lives and offers us peace.

So you know you shouldn’t eat that ice-cream. But your brain says, “Hey, you had a bad day, a little bit won’t kill you.” And you’re like, “You’re right, thanks!”

Suddenly, what feels good, also calms you, and the next thing you know, you’ve destroyed an entire chocolate cake.

If you do this sort of thing long enough — if you convince yourself that what feels good is the same as what is good — then your brain will actually start to mix the two up. Your brain will start thinking the whole point of life is to just feel really awesome, as often as possible.

Sometimes, it helps to take a break from what you are feeling. Take a step back. Take a deep breath. Give yourself a chance to feel your emotions and give your emotions a chance to settle, for that is the only way you will be able to see your thoughts clearly. And it is only when you know yourself, that you will know peace.

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