Meet L. Reyaasri, a young prodigious talent who started her skating odyssey at the tender age of 2.7 years and eventually delved into the world of gymnastics at 3.5 years. She has been in the spotlight for achieving the extraordinary feat of performing the most hula hoop rotations around the knee on inline skates in one minute, setting a Guinness World Record at the tender age of seven.

She ventured into the world of gymnastics under the guidance of Mr. Gokulnath. Gokulnath’s Unique Talent Academy was key in identifying her skills and steering her to improvise on them. In parallel, while her skating skills were honed to perfection by Skating Master Mr. Abdul, a unique idea took shape—combining gymnastics with skating. This sparked the idea for an attempt at the Guinness Book of World Records. Despite challenges posed by the COVID lockdown, Reyaasri, along with her dedicated coaches, adapted to online gymnastics classes provided by Mrs. Vijayalakshmi from Chennai Hoopers, which was instrumental in achieving the feat.

Record-Breaking Feats
Their collective efforts bore fruit in 2021 when Reyaasri clinched the India Book of Records and Kalam Book of records for the ‘Maximum number of Hula Hoop Rotations on hip on Inline Skates in one Minute,’ an astounding 183 rotations. Mrs. Vijayalakshmi and Mr. Abdul played pivotal roles in this achievement, shaping Reyaasri’s journey to become the youngest person globally to achieve this record.

The Guinness genius
Undeterred by challenges, the pursuit continued, leading to another historic feat on June 3, 2023. Reyaasri set a new benchmark with 152 hula hoop rotations around the knees on inline skates in just one minute, etching her name in the prestigious Guinness World Records. L. Reyaasri is the first person to achieve this record. “Her mentor Vijayalakshmi helped us to apply for Guinness and trained Reyaasri for achieving Reyaasri’s pursuit” said Preethi, Reyaasri’s mother.

L. Reyaasri’s indomitable spirit and exceptional talent exemplify the power of determination and discipline. Her journey, chronicled in the pages of Provoke Lifestyle Magazine, serves as an inspiration for budding talents, reinforcing the belief that age is no barrier to achieving greatness. In a world where dreams take flight, Reyaasri’s story is a testament to the extraordinary heights one can reach with passion, dedication, and unwavering support and this shows age is just a number.