While many took a setback during the pandemic, Mugdha Godse used it as a golden period to sculpt herself. Besides being an actress and former model, she advocates fitness and fashion through her lifestyle and inspires every woman to lead a healthy life every day. The diva shares her fitness, skincare and beauty regime in an exclusive interview with Provoke Magazine.

How has your fitness and skincare routine changed before and after being a super model?
I became a model in my late teens and early 20’s and before that I didn’t have any skin care regime but just did modelling. I do my fundamental basic cleansing, toning, and moisturising and I continued that over the years. Later I realised that my skin is extra dry so I started using the right moisturiser, toner because in your late 30’s one has to use certain creams to nourish the skin. So it’s nothing like before or after being a supermodel. It’s always age-wise and requirement of the hour. Earlier I didn’t work out much but now I concentrate on my workouts. I started ‘Ashtanga Yoga’ that is working really well for me and I believe in it. One has to understand what works for them and do it. One should eat early, reduce sugar, no midnight snacks and should eat less but nutritious food to still look the same even after 30s. I think chips, pizzas, and burgers go out of the way post 30s.

Any fitness tips for aspiring models?
I would like to tell them that keep yourself fit, being thin is not important, but being fit is very important. When you don’t eat properly just to look thin, your skin becomes dull, pale and doesn’t look shiny or healthy. While a model may look thin but is her body toned? Toned body is more important, so tone your body. One can try some great workouts like functional training, pilates, yoga, jogging, running, swimming … do whatever works for you. Just staying thin and skinny doesn’t mean you can be a model. You should have a toned body and glowing skin to be a model. Models need to be fit because they have to fit into any outfit and their skin has to be supple and beautiful, so we have to take extra care with the food and fitness regime.

What is your diet and nutrition plan like?
I’m currently doing intermittent fasting diet. I avoid gluten, starch and sugar at a very strong level and will continue doing that. I eat two meals a day currently and post 30s one has to make changes in their diet because you put on weight with gluten products and your metabolism rate goes down too. Sugar is an enemy for everybody and you should have it once a week or month otherwise it’s difficult to maintain fitness. I indulge in greens, dals, coconuts, and super-foods like flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and nuts.

How has the lockdown helped you get fit?
Lockdown really helped me lose weight and be fit because I didn’t have house help during the lockdown. So I had to do all the work in the house that really got me going and when you do your own work you realise your body can do more than what we think of. During the lockdown, doing the little things like washing your own clothes and cleaning your house kept me busy. It takes toxins away from the body and you are not depressed. I believe in the mantra that when you don’t know what to do and you’re bored just ‘workout.’

What is your skincare regime during your travels?
During travels, I make sure I drink a lot of water to keep myself hydrated. I also take hand cream because these days we all use a lot of sanitisers which makes our hands dry. I take face cream or face oil because sometimes sitting at the airport or inside the plane, our skin tends to get really dry, so you just have to dab a little face oil or cream on your face, to keep it moist. I use basic day and night cream, which I use regularly after washing my face. I carry my face washes and creams everywhere and I have a proper vanity case.

Any healthy recipe you cook at home?
My go-to healthy dish would be Thalipeeth, a Maharashtrian dish. I make Thalipeeth at home and you can have them with any veggies or green chutney and it tastes great.

What’s the best compliment you have received from actor Rahul Dev?
He really likes that I have a ‘never-give-up attitude’ and he keeps complimenting me that I’m strong!

Any five must-haves in your handbag?
Lip balm, lipstick or lip pencil, hand cream, sanitiser, and a perfume or body mist.

– By Vinitha Venkatesha