How would you define yourself?
I think I would define myself as a happy, honest, loving and authentic person.

First thing you do when you wake up?
I cannot do anything but look at and check updates on my phone.

Last thing you do before you sleep?
Music is my life and so I prefer to drift into my dreams listening to music I love.

Your perfect holiday destination?
New York, New York! Nothing comes close to the Big Apple!

If you were chilling all alone, you would?
Be listening to music, but in the rare occasion that I am not doing that, I Netflix like a pro!

Brands you swear by?
I cannot get enough of Coach and Burberry.

Your definition of fun:
I am fun. So just being myself?

Few words about your next project:
Loads of songs that I am recording and amazing concerts that have been lined up.

Your take away from Bigg Boss:
Be more independent.

What do you define as #GirlPower?
Equality beyond gender bias!


PHOTOGRAPHER :Thivakaran M |
STYLING: Ramolaa Krishnaraj | @ramolaakrishnaraj
WARDROBE: Naomi |@naomi.fashions + Blendinstyle | @blendinstyle
ACCESSORIES: Blendinstyle | @blendinstyle
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Sweety Kabir | @sweety_kabir (Toni&Guy | @toniandguyindia)
LOCATION: Holiday Inn, Chennai | @holidayinnchennai