How would you define yourself?
I’m a sensitive person, yet confident and bold. When it comes to work I am extremely hardworking and disciplined.

First thing you do when you wake up?
I run into my pet bunny’s room and kiss him good morning.

Your perfect holiday destination:
I haven’t really been on a vacation, but I would love to go to Croatia.

If you were chilling all alone, you would?
I would sit and talk to my pet bunny, even if he wasn’t there I would probably act out scenes from my favorite movies to sharpen my acting skills. It’s fun!

Which one do you prefer more, party or gym?
GYM, duh!

Your definition for fun:
If I want to have fun or get my mind off work, I would spend time with stray dogs. They are more fun than anyone I know. So I’d go to the beach and play with them for hours as they give me peace of mind and keep me grounded. I like watching movies too sometimes.

Your experience with actor Vijay?
I wasn’t a fan of him before I met him in person. He is very hardworking and the fact that he is so humble made me his fan. I love talking to him; he has a good sense of humor.

What can we see you next in?
My next Tamil movie is Lift. It’s a thriller mystery. I’ve played an important role in it. I also have a Telugu movie that is slated to release in August.

Your take away from the movie Bigil?
Atlee sir is my first guru in this industry. I learnt more than just the basics of acting. He taught me how the set works, camera angles and many behind-the-scenes workings too. And since Bigil was a huge movie and as I worked with some of the top names, I think I got more exposure and knowledge about how things work. I made amazing friends in that process too. We would probably be friends for life.

Your opinion on how women are portrayed in movies now?
Compared to what it was a decade ago, people are now accepting and encouraging women-centric films. Even if it isn’t a women-centric film, I think the female lead is no more treated just as eye candy or used just to make profits. They are actually given important roles in films. I appreciate that.