How would you define yourself?
I would define myself as fun, friendly and frank.

First thing you do when you wake up?
Look at my phone like everybody does and I drink a litre of water after I brush my teeth.

Your perfect holiday destination?
Hill tops and beach side — especially when they both come together.

If you were chilling alone, you would?
Watch a movie, play the guitar or play some video games.

Which one do you prefer more, party or gym?
Gym! I’d rather work on myself than party.

Your definition for fun?
Chill out with my close ones or jam with my band.

Your experience from Nerkonda Parvai?
A stepping stone to becoming a better human being.

What can we see you next in?
Mani Ratnam’s Ponniyin Selvan.

Your take away from your career, so far?
Stay true and honest to your craft and your craft will take you places.

Your opinion on how women are portrayed in movies?
Stronger, braver and more layered. Our filmmakers understand women better these days
and portray them with a lot of conviction.