Jaison Madany is a celebrity photographer who has been working in the industry for the past seven years. He is known for his vintage aesthetic style. His edgy styles have always helped him garner wide-spread appreciation. His work with celebrities has also helped him receive a lot of recognition as he continues to work with more and makes a mark in the industry.

“I have always had an interest in photography and was doing it for passion. Later I started focussing only on it and went ahead and people tell me that I’m a good photographer,” he says on his journey, adding, “Everyone can take photos well, but I try to take photos in my own style. I don’t copy others and stick to my original ideas. That’s what people like about me that it’s original and they love the frames. I normally use a Canon camera.”

Recalling some of his memorable moments while shooting, he avers, “I can remember two situations where I cried with the camera in my hand. Once initially when I had started using the camera, a friend asked me to take his photos. I just looked at my camera and cried and I thought I couldn’t take good photos. I started working on my skills and soon started improving. The other one was when I was shooting a celebrity star and when I told her to check the pictures we had clicked she replied that she doesn’t want to see them as she has complete faith and belief that we would have done a good job. So my eyes filled up and I had tears of joy.”

Talking about how he plans to grow in this field, he adds, “I’m still learning and trying to hone my skills. Hopefully with my hard work I will achieve my dreams.”