Known for his magnetic charm and boundless energy, from his engaging stints as a host on “Kalakka Povathu Yaaru?” to the heartwarming connection with the audience forged on “Cooku with Comali,” VJ Rakshan seems to be the cool dude in real life too similar to his on-screen persona. Rakshan’s presence resonates deeply, bridging the gap between entertainment and genuine connection.

Despite facing setbacks and delays, Rakshan’s perseverance shines through, culminating in standout performances for his role as Kallis in “Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal.” and “Marukkuma Nenjam”. With his upcoming project “Vettaiyan” with Superstar Rajinikanth on the horizon, Rakshan’s trajectory continues to ascend, promising an exciting future filled with boundless opportunities in both television and cinema.

His story is a perfect epitome of resilience, determination, and the unwavering pursuit of his dreams. From humble beginnings to finding success, he shows us that every challenge presents an opportunity in disguise. It’s not about where you come from; it’s about where you’re going and the legacy you leave behind.

In this casual conversation, Rakshan shares about his background and early career aspirations, showcasing how his determination and hard work led him to become who he is now. He also shares his experience in ‘Cook with Comali’ and tells us how he transformed his career graph.

How have you prioritised opportunities in your unconventional journey, considering your non-traditional background?
Looking back on my life, I realise that every chance I’ve had has played a role in shaping who I am today. Unlike most people, I didn’t follow the traditional path of school and college. Instead, I had to find my own way to success. People often ask me how I decide which opportunities to pursue given my unusual background. The truth is, I didn’t let my lack of formal education hold me back. I simply evaluated each opportunity based on whether it matches my skills and abilities. It’s like that line from a movie that stuck with me: “If I have a little, I’ll start small; if I have a bit more, I’ll expand.” I believe in making the best of every chance I get.

At first, my family and I thought that starting a business would be a good path to take. Since I didn’t have many employment options without a formal education, entrepreneurship seemed like a practical choice. My family taught me the value of learning practical skills that could lead to sustainable work opportunities. It wasn’t about following a predetermined path; it was about creating my own destiny.

Can you share more about your experience on the show ‘Cook with Comali’? How did it impact your career and open doors to new opportunities?
One of the most significant moments in my career came when I became involved in the show ‘Cook with Comali’. Initially, I was hesitant about participating in a cooking show, but I soon realised the immense value it brought to my career. It wasn’t just about cooking; it became a platform to showcase diverse talents and connect with audiences on a deeper level. It was a wonderful opportunity that introduced me to incredibly talented people and opened doors to new possibilities.

There have been rumors surrounding your potential participation in reality TV, particularly ‘Bigg Boss’. Is it true?
There have been rumours swirling around about my potential participation in reality TV, particularly ‘Bigg Boss’. While the idea of self-reflection in a confined environment is intriguing, I have reservations about the competitive nature of the show. Despite occasional rumours, I stay focused on my career and don’t let outside distractions sway me from my path. As for ‘Bigg Boss’, I have entertained the thought of experiencing it. The idea of disconnecting from the outside world and exploring oneself is captivating. However, I have never been desperate to be a part of it. Although the novelty of the show initially caught my attention, witnessing the intense competition made me hesitant. Despite occasional rumours linking me to the show, I remain unaffected and choose to concentrate on my own journey, leaving the rest to fate.