The coronavirus pandemic break has given the industries ample time to do a serious overhaul of their ideologies and way of working to establish a system of sustainable fashion and ORU is a product of this intensive self-assessment.

ORU is a homegrown luxury fashion brand promoting India’s rich diverse culture. The brand is focused on social responsibility, social justice and diversity, the founder Apoorva Dixit has consciously created a label that is primarily seasonless. Capsule collections are released based on inventory, raw material and demand instead of seasons.

Throwing light on this trend, the founder of ORU, Apoorva Dixit states “A seasonless collection gives consumers more time to think about their purchases. If a style is only available for a short time, you tend to feel as though you have to buy it immediately which can result in impulse purchases that doesn’t serve a particular requirement and may end up lying in your wardrobe for months. Having time to think about getting a piece means customers can make sure it’s a good investment for their wardrobe without the pressure that it might disappear soon”

This also helps designers create an economical strategy for their product inventory and material. Even if the brand has to order a larger amount than their production needs, they can continue to use the fabric in future production runs – it won’t be “last season’s fabric” and go to waste.

People are looking for comfort, usability and shoppers care about supporting brands that align with their values. Brands and designers are also focusing more on timeless staples. Seasonless outfits can be worn forever and are not driven by short-term trends. It is about creating a personal style rather than running after trends or following runway collections that have a very short shelf life.