Kiran Dembla, an Indian woman who spent 10 years as a housewife and restarted her career after a brain blood clot and many other obstacles in life, is now a World Champion in bodybuilding and a celebrity fitness trainer. Kiran is a singer, fitness trainer, musician, DJ, mother, photographer, all at the age of 45. When she was a housewife, everything seemed perfect being in the house. But something triggered her not to stop her from achieving what she is capable of and since then she has broken all the stereotypes. Kiran balances both her work and career with her family support.

Early days
Kiran Dembla was born in Agra and had a whimsical and memorable childhood for so many beautiful reasons. She was a playful and joyous kid and had four siblings. Kiran’s father is a retired banker and his mother is a housewife. She was born and brought up in a middle-class family. Kiran used to sing a lot during her early childhood days and made her parents discover her talent in the field of music and joined music classes. From there, Kiran’s journey as a singer started, and she gave stage performances until she finished her Masters in 1995. Later, in 1997 she got married.

After tying the knot
She got married to Ajit, who is a Sindhi, an IT professional. Until then she never believed when people said things change after marriage, until she got married and saw it herself. She never got a chance to sing on stage. It was the same life every day, a daily routine of a housewife doing household chores and managing the house. She wouldn’t even realise what time of the day it was or when the day had ended, until she finally wrapped everything and went to sleep. She became a mother to Priyanka in 1999. Then her family moved to Bangalore, as her husband joined a Bangalore-based IT Company. She moved along with her husband to Germany, Japan and the USA. It was almost like a world tour and soon she was pregnant with her second child. She returned to Bangalore and gave birth to her son Kshitij. Her days went by looking after kids, taking care of them and managing the house. Ten years passed just like that.

The turning point
One morning she couldn’t wake up and had a lot of pain in her head. She was diagnosed with a blood clot on the right side of her brain and the reason behind this was that it was because of her overthinking. Kiran was always thinking that “this is not my life.” She became totally dependent on her husband. She used to ask her husband to take her out during the weekends. Kiran thought of becoming a music teacher, but by then she had taken a long break in music and could not pursue it. Her treatment started and she had to go through so many MRIs. The medication made her sleep continuously and gained a lot of weight. She felt sad looking at the mirror. Kiran stopped taking music classes when she started facing health issues and reached obesity levels.

Gym life
Kiran joined a gym near her home. She had a fear in her mind as there were men in the gym and she had never spoken to guys as she studied in a girl’s school. On her first day at the gym, there were so many guys doing different types of exercises. She felt a little scared and went to a corner in the gym and did the workout she knew.

She used to wake up at 4 AM and go to the gym by 4.45 AM. She used to sit on the stairs and wait for the gym to open at 5 AM. This went on for 8 months and she reduced 24 kilos with the help of a basic diet. She did an online course on American Muscle and Fitness Personal Trainer. After completing the course, she became confident enough to open her own gym, where she also got a chance to come out of her home and talk and open up with people.

Celebrity fitness trainer
During one of those trainings, she met actor Ram Charan Tej and he was impressed with her body transformation as a bodybuilder. Actor Ram Charan hired Kiran to train his wife Upasana. After that, she started to train actors like Tamannah, Taapsee Pannu, Deeksha Seth, Prakash Raj, Rajamouli, Anushka and many more celebrities. In parallel to this she handled her own gym and managed household chores like cooking, sending kids to school, tuition and taking care of every little thing at the house.

Six-packs lady!
At the age of 37, she wanted to do something different in life and decided to make a six pack body. She began the process of building the six packs. That was the first time in her life that she was trying something like this. She told herself, “I should never lose hope and keep going with my journey. I will also be able to make the six-packs.” She changed her diet routine and took a high protein diet which changed her sleeping pattern. From then she started following a much disciplined lifestyle.

World Championship Pageant
Indian Body Building Federation saw her body condition and they gave her an opportunity to enter into World Championship. There were not many body builders, especially mothers. At the same time, just 15 days before the event, her father-in-law passed away and she went back to Mumbai to her in-laws house. Somehow she made her husband understand that she has to go to this competition. She also made elders at home understand the same.

She came back to Hyderabad and landed directly in a gym. Ten days after this she was in Budapest. She wore a bikini for the first time and looked at the mirror and admired herself. She got all emotional by winning 6th rank out of 20 in Budapest. She cried remembering the times she went through preparing to be in this place, all the hard times she went through, and the tiffs she had to face with the family and then come back to the home being a regular housewife again.

The Mountaineer
Kiran also dreamt of climbing mountains and soon she became a mountaineer. She covered Everest Camp and enjoyed the wonderful experience, learned so many things like how to survive without mobile phones and without food sometimes. She was able to think so many things while in the mountains.

Even after achieving so much, music was always on her mind because that’s something that has been with her since her childhood, as that was her first love. She went clubbing one day with her friend and heard the DJ. She decided to do something in music at the age of 42. She thought of becoming a Disk Jockey. She convinced her husband and went ahead. Soon, she won Debut Female DJ Award from Telangana Chamber of Events Industry in Telangana.

She was good at mobile photography and decided to take a professional course in photography. At the age of 45, she took a risk again and joined a professional photography course in Photriya Academy and became a professional photographer and started doing many events.