Some artists stand out not only for their talent but also for their journey and the stories behind their success. One such artist is composer Srikanth Deva. A luminary music director with his debut in the 2000 Tamil movie “Doubles,” who gave evergreen hit songs in films like ‘Sivakasi’, ‘Kuthu’, ‘M Kumaran Son Of Mahalakshmi’ and many other films. Srikanth Deva has orchestrated a symphony of his own. With an impressive repertoire of evergreen chartbusters, Srikanth Deva’s notes have danced in harmony with the likes of Vijay and Silambarasan TR, imprinting memories that endure. Noteworthy beyond his musical marvels, his collaboration with film director EV Ganesh Babu bore the fruit of excellence, clinching the distinguished Best Non-Feature Film (Special Mention) Award at the revered 69th National Film Awards for their creation ‘Karuvarai’ and Tamil Nadu State film award for best music director for the movie ‘M Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi.’ Lets unravel the enigma of Srikanth Deva, who graciously discusses his experiences, his award-winning moments, and his memorable collaborations.

  1. How did it feel to win the National Award?
    Winning the National Award was truly an unexpected and overwhelming moment in my life. I hadn’t received much attention before, and it was quite a surprise. I received a call at 4 p.m. while I was at a restaurant with my family. Initially, I found it hard to believe since I didn’t recall composing music for a National Award-worthy film. However, after some verification, it turned out that my work on the short film ‘Karuvarai earned me the award, and that news took me to cloud 9. My whole family after hearing about this news.
  2. Your father’s reaction seems to have been heartwarming. Could you elaborate on that?
    When my father got wind of the news, his joy was palpable. He exclaimed that his happiness wouldn’t have been greater even if he himself had won the award. He joyfully remarked that it felt like winning a grand total of 20 awards in the presence of the media. His unwavering support and constant encouragement have illuminated every step of my journey, making this award particularly significant for both of us. During the conversation with the media, he drew a parallel between the ‘Karuvarai’ short film and the song ‘Neeye Neeye, the movie from ‘M Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi,’ a connection that resonated deeply, i.e., both works revolve around the theme of motherhood, and these both films brought me awards.
  3. Can you share the experience of working in ‘Karuvarai’ and working with director EV Ganesh Babu?
    I’ve known him since 2005, and right from the start, he’s shown himself to be an incredibly dynamic and hardworking person. He had a strong desire to win an award for this project.

With the short film ‘Karuvarai,’ my goal was to get it ready for the National Award. We were left with only three days to meet the deadline and send the film for consideration. Shooting commenced on day one, and the whole crew, along with the actors, exhibited an extraordinary level of talent. Remarkably, we wrapped up the entire short film within those three days and promptly submitted it for National Award contention.

Our objective was to craft music that could vividly convey a mother’s emotions towards her unborn child. Through the process of reframing, rearranging, and rephrasing, we effectively shaped a musical composition that flawlessly captured the intended essence.

At first, I completed scoring the music within a span of two hours. However, I couldn’t shake off my dissatisfaction with the outcome. Realizing the need for enhancement, I asked for more time and inquired if it was feasible to continue working through the night. Without hesitation, he gave his approval.

Following that, I reached out to the talented singer Deepika Theyagarajan. Our team for this musical endeavour comprised Sound Engineer Saran, E V Ganeshbabu, Deepika Theyagarajan, and myself—a dedicated group of four individuals.

  1. Your collaboration with STR during the early stages of your career must have been interesting. Could you tell us about it?
    Working with STR was truly enjoyable. He possesses immense talent and a spiritual side that makes collaboration easy. STR’s ability to gauge the potential success of a song in just a few minutes of listening is remarkable.
  2. Can you share some insights into your preference for composing melodies?
    Melodic compositions hold a special place in my heart and have a wide appeal. Being recognized as a composer primarily stems from creating memorable melodies. Melodic songs tend to gain more popularity and fame, which is why I lean towards composing them.

From the exhilarating moment of receiving the prestigious National Award for his remarkable work on ‘Karuvarai’ to the heartwarming pride shared with his father, Srikanth Deva’s success is a result of dedication and joint effort. His artistic partnership with director EV Ganesh, exemplified in their exceptional creation despite challenges, showcases the profound impact of shared vision. His belief in the timeless power of melodies as the heart of composition resonates strongly, a sentiment reflected in his collaborations with luminaries like actor STR and his transformative role in shaping actor Jai’s career. Through this enlightening conversation, Srikanth Deva underscores the enduring influence of melodies and the joy of crafting music that touches souls, promising an exciting future filled with more enchanting musical narratives from this gifted composer.