The Wrangler is one of the most cherished icons worldwide and it has a steely eyed focus in terms of what it is most capable of. Yes, we are talking of going off-road and here, the Jeep Wrangler is one of the best because it is purpose-built in doing so. The Wrangler looks tough but the updated version adds some smaller changes as well but the basic silhouette remains the same as ever. It is a timeless design with the muscular details and the toughened-up stance.

The Rubicon version looks even meaner standing still with the off-road inspired front bumper and the off-road spec tyres. It is cool and looks the best when parked outdoors while you can even remove the doors! Inside, while the earlier Wrangler did not get much in terms of fripperies, the new one takes a leap towards also being a luxury SUV to some extent. It is still hardcore and tough here as the powered seat switches are water proof and there are proper big switches as well with none of the touchscreen issues which are slowly plaguing modern cars.

That said, the new Wrangler does get a new bigger touchscreen which is intuitive and there is a new all-round display as well which helps during off-roading with no lag. The Rubicon though is meant for the outdoors even more over the Unlimited version with the locks and the chunky switchgear. The off-road tyres are slightly nosier when driven on the road but there is new noise cancelling features being added to make the cabin quieter.

You sit high and there is a massive bonnet ahead of you but the overhangs are correct in terms of being perfect for off-road while the steering offers nice feedback. While SUVs with this size are probably best with a diesel, Jeep offers the Wrangler with a smooth 2.0l turbo petrol which offers up enough power and torque to pull it out of tricky situations.

We took it everywhere and it worked without fail with amazing articulation along with a sense of toughness. There is a proper four-wheel drive system and that means it goes everywhere along with climbing anywhere. That is what makes the Jeep Wrangler different and one of a kind with the off-road focussed performance along with the character you get with the looks, which add to the appeal.


In its new xDrive 50 form the iX is now amongst the most popular electric cars that you can get in India. However, it finds itself here not for this reason but for something which it has in abundance and we are talking about the looks to the interior. The iX is different from others and that is mostly due to its bespoke electric platform which enables designers to have a free hand in terms of having to draw a more radical shape free from the limitations of having an engine to add.

The look for example is radical and is not related to the X5 or even the X7. The slim headlamps and the mammoth grille are typical BMW but the surfacing is neat with edgier lines. It looks different and stands out too while look closer and there is some cool detailing like flush door handles plus frameless doors. Inside, it is like a spaceship with little in terms of button clutter along with a lounge like fee. This is unlike any BMW or unlike any other luxury car plus the various materials being used are also one-of-a-kind with crystal elements along with sustainable materials too. Look closer and you will see the wood being sourced from in an environmentally friendly manner plus leather being tanned by olive leaves.

There is a large touchscreen which wraps around you while most of the functions are bundled up there. Hence, for most functions you need to poke around the touchscreen but it looks futuristic as well. Performance though is hugely impressive and so fast that you struggle to keep up with the notion that an SUV shrugs off its weight so quickly.

The new xDrive 50 variant has a larger battery pack plus there are more powerful dual motors with a lot of performance. In Sport mode, the big iX feels more like a supercar and what is more that the suspension is also compliant. It is a different BMW in the way it looks to the way it drives but that suits the electric world as it should not match with what an ICE engined car offers. EVs are a different breed of cars altogether which should offer a more visually appealing package hence, the iX in its new form is a fast EV which also looks cool.