What ensues being a good influencer in a city like Hyderabad?
I believe there’s no magic recipe behind being a good influencer. To me, factors like passion, experience, credibility and trustworthiness are vital for a good influencer and these things reflect in their personality and work ethic. I strongly believe that good vibes paired with good intentions will always lead to ‘good influence’ on ourselves and the community around us.

Is the term ‘socialite’ something you identify with? What would you prefer calling yourself?
I do not see myself as a ‘socialite’, which I feel has some commercial or work-like connotations to it. Socializing to me is much more personal which involves warm welcomes, hearty conversations and bittersweet goodbyes which leave behind a bag of fun memories that I can look back upon. I rather see myself as a busybody and a hard worker who is always in the pursuit of diverse learning and growth. I’ve evolved from playing the role of a team leader to a manager to working partner and eventually coming out as a full-fledged entrepreneur and this journey has had its beautiful ups and downs. I am now also a pioneer in tech-implemented laundry services.

As a cultural ambassador of the city of Hyderabad, what do you think are the city’s USPs?
Thank you for bestowing such a grand title upon me, but I consider myself to be a regular person and just one of the city’s millions denizens. What makes us special is our rich history, heritage and our diversity. From magnificent structures like the Charminar, the Golconda Fort and the multitudes of mosques, churches, lakes and historical sights; to a highly diverse population, Hyderabad makes for a really interesting city. I and many others strongly believe that we are the best contenders for being the food capital of the country and we have a great art culture too. Despite having a rich culture, it is surprising how accepting and welcoming this city is. As an outsider myself, I have always felt at home here and over the last 10years, I’ve made friends here that are like family to me. That’s Hyderabad’s charm — a home to good people and great ideas.

Where do you enjoy hanging out/partying at in the city?
I welcome house parties with a warm crowd either as a host or at someone’s place in our close circle depending on the occasion. But I’m no stranger to going out. Tabula Rasa is a fantastic place to turn to, when I need some extra fun and cheer with amazing food and music especially on regional music nights. Alternatively, I love hanging out at Zozo’s Pizzeria, Autumn Leaf Café, Telangana Spice Kitchen and my own haven — Orka Café which feels like my second home.

How do you use your popularity for a greater cause and what are the issues in the city that you think need immediate attention?
Popularity, I believe comes through your work and contributions. As for how I could contribute to the city or a cause — it would be by talking to others and lending support in terms of sustainable living and inhabiting it into our own lives and extending the same to others in the community. My contributions would be centred on making improvements to people’s lifestyles so that everyone can be the best version of themselves which can capacitate them to help others. This domino effect works well for a community at large. I am a proponent of good eating habits, working on oneself, adopting positive venting methods, using art as a therapy and I am always willing to share my experiences with learning self-love and self-care.

A little bit about yourself that nobody knows…
There are some interesting tidbits surrounding my life, like my love for Cerelac (the wheat apple variant specifically) and Horlicks as my midnight dessert. I also love listening to Tamil music even though I don’t understand the language.

How has Hyderabad changed over the years — in terms of the social scene?
Hyderabad has rapidly evolved over the last ten years. It has become a much more free-spirited city and socialising is now possible without getting judged — which is quite a relief. We have a really interesting music culture which is slowly becoming a global phenomenon and we are slowly making our way up as the food capital of the country and finally getting recognized for our wide variety of cuisines. The social scene has evolved quite a lot and we get to see very interesting people with interesting stories, thanks to more and more people moving here every year (even though it has made traffic a nightmare). Still, we welcome people with open arms and that’s why Hyderabad is such a hospitable city.

What do you do when you aren’t being an influencer?
Like I said previously, I like to keep myself busy almost all the time while at work. However, when I take a step back every now and then, I like to spend time with my dogs at home and passively listen to Telugu music. I love to travel whenever possible with my bunch of nature walkers.