What ensues being a good influencer in a city like Chennai?
Chennai is a city of art, culture and tradition. And being an artist — I paint, I sing, I play the piano and practice Reiki and write — I have experienced this love for art in Chennai and the great respect they have for artistes. Being a good influencer in Chennai is pretty easy because of how much the city appreciates art and the artistes that create art.

Is the term ‘socialite’ something you identify with? What would you prefer calling yourself?
I wouldn’t call myself a socialite. I just happen to be one. I have proved myself in far too many other fields to be known as a ‘socialite’.

As a cultural ambassador of the city of Chennai, what do you think are the city’s USPs?
I feel Chennai is the most adaptable city in India. The people are very simple and warm-hearted. It’s one of the safest cities in India.

Where do you enjoy hanging out/partying in the city?
For me it is more about the company than the place. Family or friends and great ambience is all that I need for a great evening.

How do you use your popularity for a greater cause?
Being a grand Reiki master, I help a lot of people anyway. If I can bring a smile to anyone’s face, I feel I am blessed.

Something about you that most people don’t know?
I am a person who believes in my actions and not making a noise about it. I am passionate about my work no matter whether someone is paying attention to my work or not. I like to stay grounded. I have my faith in God and believe in myself. Each day is a new day for me as I experience, learn and discover something new in me.