What prompted you to come up with the ideas for the mask?
As COVID-19 got more serious all across the country, I realised that the only masks available were of the disposable variety and they were exorbitantly priced. Plus, I saw people creating a lot of garbage by just disposing of these masks anywhere they felt like. That really got me thinking and I decided to make masks that were washable, reusable, cost-effective and great looking, so people would buy into the idea.

The design of the mask is unique and also very eco friendly — what was your inspiration?
The idea behind the mask was to ensure it was breathable-in, comfortable and looked trendy. Taking inspiration from my own designing aesthetic, I decided to make them reversible and also add in a kangaroo pouch that can be used to store fragrant things that one would like to breathe in all day. These herbs and perfumes can also help in alleviating a common cold or reliving one from stress and also aid in increasing one’s immunity.

As a brand you also create a whole bunch of other diverse design ideas — a little about that?
The only thing that stands apart about my brand is that we are unique and limited and our designs and my aesthetic are pretty limited to me. I don’t follow trends or seasons or any of those marketing gimmicks. My only rule: be comfortable, be off-beat and be trendy.

What led you to become a designer and what drives your design aesthetic?
I have always been designing clothes for my family and close relatives. It’s just that it’s now how I earn my living. I have never been trained formally in fashion or design but have had the opportunity to learn under many amazing people. It’s probably because of that, that my designs focus on the unusual, experimental and yet are always comfortable.

With Gandhi Jayanti around the corner, we noticed that your Gandhi caps are doing really well?
I first experimented with the design in 2012 at Kala Ghoda in Mumbai and 200 pieces sold out on the first day of the exhibition itself. It’s now pretty popular and one can always find a design or print they like. It’s very popular with musicians and dance troupes.