Perfume lovers will have a journey of olfactory indulgence, with EKAM’s perfume variants with a dramatic theme based on the geographical locations such as the Weekends in Goa was inspired by the never-ending energy of this world famous beach city. The perfume has berry and floral notes standing on a delicious vanilla base. It will make you feel bright and young. Then, you have Evenings in Santorini. This aroma was inspired by the soft elegance of Santorini. It has floral notes combined with wood and honey and gives you a delicious and soft feeling. There is also one called Sightseeing in Barcelona. This aroma one was inspired by the ever-vibrant pulse of Barcelona. The fragrance is energizing as it has citrus, floral and woody notes. Next is the Destination Wedding in Udaipur. This heady scent was inspired by the irresistible charm of Udaipur. It has heady floral and amber notes and makes you feel romantic and warm. You also have Chilling in Hauz Khas. The class of Hauz Khas inspired this fragrance. It offers a bright and reassuring feel with its floral, aromatic, and woody notes. And, finally, there is High Tea in London. This particular perfume was inspired by the el egance that represents London. With floral, fruity, and musky notes, the scent is fresh and feminine.