Kaavanna Parotta Kadai/Koorai Kadai /Natham Parotta Kadai — all names for this one much-loved foodie destination… so don’t be confused. This place has so many names but the place as such doesn’t carry a name board. It used to have thatched roof and thus the Natham Koorai (thatched roof) Kadai reference.

When I knew I was going to be in and around Madurai for a couple of days I searched for this place on Google Maps and it showed at a distance of approximately around 38km from where I was. That was literally nothing in terms of distance for a proper foodie and so I immediately decided to include this 60+ old eatery into my itinerary.

The place is open only between 7am and 11am, on all days and so, I called a day before and the person who picked the phone suggested I come by 8am sharp, because everything would only be ready by then. It’s a simple establishment and the koorai has long been replaced by a proper roof. The only indicator to the shop is the two banana palms on either side of the entrance. Once all the items are sold out and the shop gets closed for operations, the banana palms are removed. Once in, you sit on the floor and begin to wait for the best meal of your life — ok, I exaggerate, but the food is delicious.

Poricha Parotta/Ennai Parotta (`15/pc) with their unique sherva is their specialty and was worth the fame. The generous owner gave us tasting portions of their kushka and a complimentary serving of their dalcha too, which is priced at `30 a plate. It was simple but bursting with flavour. Their kushka is closer to what most people would refer to as nei choru. The way they were being stacked to be served/parceled/taken away was a vision to behold! A special mention has to be made of their piquant mint chutney. Absolutely delicious!

I’ve been holding my breath so far to introduce my most favorite item from their menu — the mutton chukka (`60) which was just mind-blowing! The generous use of fresh pepper creates the right amount of spiciness with succulent and perfectly-sized mutton pieces that had been soaked-in the much-necessary base gravy… making this probably one of the best mutton chukkas, I’ve ever had! I can guarantee you I’ll visit them again just for the early morning kushka experience and their out-of-this-world mutton chukka.

The service was courteous and the gentleman who seemed to be the owner made sure we ate to our fill. He, in fact arranged tea for us from a nearby shop after knowing that we’ve come from far to visit his adorable little shop. We spent just `210 on this foodie expedition and here’s where you can find this amazing foodie joint:

Kaavanna Parotta Kadai
Bazar Street,
Ward Number 11, Meenatchipuram, Natham,
Tamil Nadu – 624401
Call +919486505080
for more enquiries.