Carving a Niche in Tamil Showbiz

he Tamil entertainment industry has always been a realm of dreams, passion, and hard work. For Masoom Shankar, it has been a journey of determination and unwavering commitment. With her resolute dedication, she has graced the silver screen in pivotal roles, leaving an indelible trace in films like “Nagesh Thiraiyarangam” and “90 ML.” She has also worked in Arya’s “Teddy” and Harish Kalyan’s “Dhanusu Raasi Neyargalae” with a special appearance. Join us as we delve deeper into her illustrious career, including her latest hit “DD Returns.”

Hailing from the entertainment industry in Mumbai, Masoom found her way into the acting world through an unexpected opportunity while working off-camera to land in a Tamil feature film. Her Kollywood journey began and since that moment, she has fearlessly embraced every challenge, transforming them into stepping stones to success.

As she ventured into her acting career, Masoom encountered a significant obstacle: language. While well-versed in Hindi projects, Tamil cinema presented unfamiliar territory. Undeterred, she tackled the hurdle head-on by diligently learning the language, even taking the initiative to dub for her second film. This experience taught her the value of patience, the ultimate key to virtue, which became instrumental in her growth and development in the industry.

Masoom’s childhood was shaped by courage and unwavering familial support. Encouraged by her parents and family, she fearlessly made life and career choices. Their belief in her decisions has played a pivotal role in shaping the strong and determined persona she embodies today.

While receiving praise for her work and gaining diverse audience appeal, Masoom believes her most memorable and impactful project is yet to be revealed. With humility and anticipation, she looks forward to the release of her upcoming work, which has deeply touched her. She shares that she has a couple of projects in the pipeline—some in the post-production stage, some she’s still filming, and others are in the pre-production stage. She adds, ‘I can’t reveal much information about them now, but I’m sure my fans will be amazed to see me in different shades

At times when Masoom isn’t busy with her acting commitments, Masoom finds solace in various creative pursuits. From writing and watching films to indulging in painting and craftwork, she maximizes her free time to nurture her artistic side. She usually tries to occupy all her time and utilises it to the fullest potential of the day. So, she doesn’t really consider herself “free.” She also believes that the one thing nobody knows about her is that she loves singing. “Even if I’m not great at it, I enjoy singing and humming. Sometimes I sing beautifully, and other times it might be terrible, but I love it nonetheless.”

The relationship between Masoom Shankar and her pet, Zorra Shankar, a Dachshund, seems very heartwarming, as if seeing two buddies. Her pet is her forever crush and brought her to Chennai when she moved out of Mumbai. She coped with the lockdown because of Zorra and used to go on long walks, meet other dogs in the apartment, watch TV, cook, play, and so on.

While she acknowledges the significance of social media in staying connected with her fans, followers, friends and family, Masoom is cautious not to let it consume too much of her productive time. She strikes a balance by occasionally sharing her thoughts and ideas on her stories while maintaining her posts colorful and fun. “I just try to be myself out there without overindulging in it.”

Masoom cherishes the experience of working in “DD Returns.” She shares “Playing a villain was never on my cards, but it was a very challenging role for me. Working with Santhanam Sir was a blessing as I admire his comic timing and him as a person.”

“It was great to have his one-liners, punches, and comedic moments on the sets. I also learned that he is a spiritual person, and I could see how that alignment reflects in his ability to entertain everybody. So it was really great working with him and I loved every day, every bit of my filming experience.
My director was also very supportive, and he had confidence in me for the dialogues, which motivated me. Everyone on the sets, including Pradeep Rawat Sir, my co-director, and all the other artists, appreciated and encouraged me. It felt like a close-knit family, and we all enjoyed the time spent together while filming. It was a fun and fulfilling experience,” she reveals.

Masoom continues to delight audiences with her work, and her passion for exploration fuels her desire to take on diverse roles and leave a mark on the entertainment industry. With determination as her compass, she envisions a long and fulfilling career ahead. We eagerly await the unveiling of her future projects and wish her the best.