Collaborating with Sanjay Leela Bhansali (SLB) on “Heeramandi” was a dream come true for us. Our journey with Mr. Bhansali began with “Padmaavat,” and we have always known that “Heeramandi” has been a vision in his mind for many years.

Our deep understanding of SLB’s cinematic language, gained through firsthand experience, gave us invaluable insights into his meticulous attention to detail and his ability to craft extraordinary worlds. The chance to explore the world of “Heeramandi,” set in pre-partition India with a focus on Lahore’s rich cultural heritage, was both thrilling and humbling for us. Drawing from our roots, years of archival collections, and extensive research on Heeramandi, we honored the project’s beauty while balancing authenticity with individuality. Crafting costumes for the diverse cast was a challenge we embraced, blending Indian, Mughal, and European influences to reflect the opulence and sophistication of the 1940s British Raj period. We carefully selected fabrics, executed embroidery with precision, and intricately crafted accessories to transport the audience to another era.

From the start, our approach to costume design was grounded in thorough research and a deep dive into historical and cultural references. We drew inspiration from classical singers like Noor Jehan, Shamshad Begum, and Mukhtar Begum, as well as actors from that era such as Patience Cooper, Suraiya Jamal Sheikh, and Swaran Lata. Our love for travel and textiles has taken us to numerous places over the years, allowing us to incorporate archival textiles, paintings, and personal anecdotes into our designs. Collaborating closely with SLB ensured a cohesive visual narrative that elevated the storytelling experience.
Designing the Mujra outfits for the actresses was a unique challenge, especially for dance performances where elegance and ease of movement were crucial. Working with an ensemble cast, including seasoned actors like Manisha Koirala, emerging talents like Sharmin and known talents like Aditi, Sonakshi, Richa, and Sanjeeda, was a rewarding experience. Our ability to capture the essence of each character through costume design seamlessly integrated the actors into the world of Heeramandi.
Our work not only reflects the period but also enriches the overall narrative, enhancing the cinematic experience for audiences worldwide. We brought to life a world that is both evocative and timeless, leaving an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape.

The ensemble cast of Manisha Koirala, Aditi, Sonakshi, Richa, Sanjeeda and Sharmin with talented designers Rimple and Harpreet Narula

This grand ivory printed ensemble Mallikajaan (Manisha Koirala) takes centrestage! From intricate henna to stunning headpieces and jewellery, this is one scene that will stay imprinted on the mind

Bibbojaan (Aditi Rao Hydari) paints the town red literally in this gorgeous Anarkali suit embellished with exquisite gold embroidery

Fardeen Khan ‘s (Sonakshi Sinha)
rich embroidery and sequinned work on flowing saris that encapsulate the glory of an era gone by

Opulence speals through voluminous silhouettes with intricate work set in a palette of muted pastels