This is what tasteful luxury is all about and without shouting from the rooftops. The Range Rover in its new generation is a showcase of how a modern luxury need not be over-styled or be dipped in chrome. The simplistic design and the luxury on offer did impress us but this is with the volume truly turned up. This is the Range Rover SV- the top tier model with the aim of infusing even more luxury.

It is the flagship, bespoke and made to order Range Rover iteration with the aim of being the best luxury SUV. So, does it do the job? Well, the purposeful stance of the Range Rover is veered towards more luxury with the SV trim while it cuts an imposing stance at first glance. SV means Special Vehicle operations which brings in added personalization and more choice in terms of materials or finishes. Hence, with the SV Bespoke commissioning service, you can spec your own personal Range Rover with colours, themes, SV exclusive options, materials, veneers and finishers, customizations, and personalisation.

For example, there are up-to 391 material colours on offer while the curated SV Bespoke paint palette brings in more than 230 colours in satin and gloss finishes. Of course, with the SV Bespoke Match to Sample paint service you can replicate any exterior colour. On the outside, the Range Rover SV gets a slightly different bumper with the ‘ five-bar grille’ identifying itself as the flagship model. Elsewhere, you get laser-etched SV roundel on the side gills, new white ceramic SV roundel on the tailgate and optional 23-inch directional three-finish wheels.

Clad in white, it looks majestic in the long wheelbase spec as traffic simply parts away with the sight of this huge leviathan. That said, the real deal of the Range Rover SV is about the interior. The SV brings in a more lavish look thanks to new materials used on the inside. It all starts off with ceramic pieces draped all over the cabin and you can get sustainable upholstery choices too. The two-tone interior matches the exterior while you can customize it as per your wish. The LWB version has the ‘four-seat SV Signature Suite’ which includes a front-to-rear console that runs the full length of the cabin and puts in an electrically powered Club Table plus electrically deployable cupholders and an integrated refrigerator.

That means you can stretch out in pure luxury while your champagne or whatever drink you wish to have been getting chilled. The feature list goes on and on with 13.1-inch Rear Seat Entertainment screens, powered/massaged/ventilated seats, and a 32-speaker audio system with noise cancellation headrests plus more! You literally feel like you are inside a vast luxurious cocoon. Should you ever take the wheel, the twin-turbo, 4.4-liter V8 serves up enough entertainment as well. The 530PS V8 has a muted growl but blends in neatly with the persona of the big Range Rover. It is fast and moves with the enthusiasm which you do not expect from such a vast SUV. The ride or the lack of noise is the other big factor in making the occupants inside seem isolated from the outside. It is really pampering at its best and the price too is a fair bit high from the standard Range Rover but if you want the best luxury SUV, this is it!


This is one of those cars that you need to park in your living rooms and admire its lines as despite being around for a while, the Lexus LC remains one of the most beautiful cars around. The design is its biggest highlight and makes everyone turn around for a close look. Drive it in traffic and camera phones are whipped up in a flash and it gathers a crowd in a few minutes. The shape is pure supercar with its long, low and flowing lines while it seems the folks at Lexus have just brought a concept to production car status without changing anything at all. The massive spindle grille flanked by those thin LED headlamps are a design masterpiece In themselves along with the intricate details that have been etched into it. The proportions also follow the supercar styling rulebook with the long hood and the short deck. Look closer and you will also find some lovely detailing being carved in. Step inside and the interior is yet again different from just about any other car and matches the exterior for sheer drama. Everywhere you touch and see is all leather and just about the best materials that you can find. Admittedly the interface could have been more intuitive but you spend a lot of time immersed within the car that this thought somehow melts away. The large instrument cluster is reminiscent of the iconic LFA supercar and you can change the modes via a toggle switch sticking out from the steering wheel. It all adds to the drama. Luggage space is decent but you aren’t taking this for long road trips anyways. The Lexus LC500h is also as complex with its powertrain as it is with its space age styling. It is a unique mix of electric motors and a V6 with a complicated 10 speed gearbox along with it. Lexus, it seems has crammed in two different types of sports cars. It all starts in complete silence as you move along neighborhoods in complete silence. Then the engine joins in for the party and the transition is seamless. The Lexus LC is more of a comfortable supercar mixed with a GT though with its mannerisms. Despite its appearance, the Lexus LC is quite practical and easy to drive while the ground clearance isn’t too low as well. I did not need to stop over potholes or speed breakers while the ride quality was calm and composed. The steering is light too and you can amble along in silence like any hybrid car. That is until you are in the mood for some fun. Twist the mode to its sportiest setting and the Lexus LC suddenly changes character with a growling V6 noise. It is then edgy, loud and forms the perfect sports car experience along with some healthy supercar drama. It handles nicely too and feels taut while shrinking in terms of the size. Overall, the Lexus LC is one car which is completely different and unique with its styling, hybrid powertrain and its GT driving characteristics. You will buy it for its styling and how it separately carves its own niche. Sure it seems expensive but in hindsight the complete experience is just about your money’s worth.