Why is it so hard for people to overcome certain things? Is it that hard? Because I’ve never felt that way. Maybe, it’s because I haven’t lost someone or something important enough to make me feel that way? Or maybe, I’m just dead on the inside. Guess,
we’ll never know!

But frankly, I think I belong to a generation that has just learned to walk away and move on. I might cry for a day or two, at the maximum. But don’t you think wasting a minute or a second (more than one ought to) thinking about something that adds no value to your life is an absolute waste of time? Now, you might think I am heartless, but hear me out…

The reason I highlight the often over-used proverb ‘don’t cry over spilt milk’ is because it really does say all that you need to know. I came across this wonderful piece of writing by someone, which said: if you have a million dollars and you lose a penny or two — will you spend the rest of the million dollars to find the lost penny or just move on and now spend what you have?

I bet any sane person will go with the second choice and that really is what life is all about — moving on, living for the now and continuing to just exist — like a wise man once said: life is for the living! When someone spoils a second of yours, let go… let karma play its game and believe me revenge is best served cold and when it’s by someone else.

So, why am I ranting eloquent about such a sad topic? Well, there are two reasons that made me think about this: my friend broke up with her boyfriend recently and another friend lost his dad, even more recently. Two different situations and two different emotional responses. I felt bad for both, but I noticed something that amused me. My friend who lost her boyfriend kept crying and worrying unnecessarily; while on the other hand, my friend who lost his father stood strong knowing he had to now take decisions on behalf of his late father. This isn’t me trying to say one gender is better or more stoic or better at coping with grief, than the other. It just made me realise how reality and its acceptance plays such a huge role in the way we deal with loss.

One chose to waste more time, the other chose to move on and live the life he had left. One realised the value of life and of living it. The other decided to cry over milk that had been spilled and would probably never get mopped up. Who do you
want to be?

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