Recently I was invited to Raffles, Udaipur to visit the most amazing private Oasis built over 22 acres of Land, to get familiar with the 100 rooms uber luxurious wedding destination property and one of its kind in Udaipur, Rajasthan. I travelled all the way from Chennai to this Island and was just Spellbound. I was first welcomed by a private butler at the airport and then escorted to the Arrival Lounge of the resort, from where the Royal jetty took me to the Country Mansion in the middle of Udai Sagar Lake, surrounded by the hills of Aravalli. One of the very few hotels, who do not have a check In counter. Their Check In Process is so personalized, every single guest has a private butler who takes care of your in room check in formalities. The Jetty Experience is so serene that one instantly forgets all the tensions and worries from the everyday life and starts enjoying the picturesque Views of Udai Sagar Lake and Aravalli Hills. I was already mesmerized by whatever was going around, but the best was yet to come! Reached the Country Mansion, an illustrious blend of European and Indian architectural style domes and elegant Palladian windows gives it a contemporary yet stately look. Just like how you would be welcomed in a King’s Palace, all guests enter this beautiful state of the art resort with a rose petal shower from the sky. One has to visit this amazing Resort to experience its glory. Right from the rooms, to their restaurants, to their spa to cultural and personalised experiences created by their butlers is mind blowing. Their Lush Gardens are so well kept, and all the food that they offer in all their restaurants is cooked from the freshly grown vegetables in their Gardens. I stayed there for 2 days and each day when I went back to my uber stylish suite, I was greeted with a personalised crafted gift from the Raffles, Udaipur.

Why should one get married at Raffles, Udaipur!!!

  • An Island to Yourself
    This Resort is situated in an Island with 100 Rooms, so if you looking for hosting a Royal wedding at a private Island with only your guest list, this place is for you.
  • Hospitality
    This Resort spoils you with their Hospitality. The GM, Rajesh Namby mentions “Wedding is such an emotion, I welcome each and every guest personally at the resort during a wedding and we all live like a happy family for the two days of the wedding”.
  • Unlimited Venues for Events
    This Resort has multiple lawns, Banquet Hall and swimming pool area to offer for all your pre wedding and wedding events. Unlike other hotels/resorts, here there are multiple options to choose from.
  • Culinary Experience
    This Resort offers all the cuisines that you wish for with Chefs from all over the country working for the most palatable experience. Also their mixologists are well trained in curating well-crafted cocktails.
  • Budget Friendly
    This Resort gives a better price offer than the other most famous Royal properties in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

All in all, my experience was amazing and I would definitely suggest this location to my wedding clients who are looking for a destination wedding.