1. What do you like the most about playing music?
As a 17-Year old, I began my music journey. There is no doubt that music is a common medium of communication between people. As a result, I had to deal with it in a sensible manner. I’ve put all my efforts into music. The most important part of my life is music.

2. Describe your creative process when you write new music?
My creative process isn’t as such. It often happens that I get inspiration from nowhere and come up with ideas that way. The creative process isn’t structured properly with me yet. However this will change in future. At the moment, I’m doing it very randomly.

3. Initially, your music was heard by 10k people, but now 10 lakh people listen to it. How do you see this growth as an independent artist?
It looks like something has gotten magical. It’s been a long journey. I have performed my song at every gig to let the audience know. It was a real struggle to make the audience hear our song. I’m now getting good feedback from the audience and they also share my songs on social media. I’m overwhelmed by the love among the audience, so it’ll be the biggest hope for many upcoming artists and I see it as a growth opportunity.

4. What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?
I sacrificed everything to become a musician. Even on festival days, I won’t go home. I haven’t seen my family for several months. This is what I see as a passion and adding meaning to it, and I genuinely think I’ve managed to regain it now.

5. Which skills have you gained that help you perform effectively as a musician?
I presume it’s the lyric and energy that I can get while on stage, along with the way the lyrics are conveyed to the audience. Only these two are motivating me to perform well.

6. Tell me about your favorite performance in your career.
The first gig which I performed in Chetpet Park in 2019. That will always be very memorable for me.

7. Can you tell us more about “Edhuvum Kidaikalana”. How did it all start?
Edhuvum Kidaikalana was very random. I got the idea when I was scrolling through the reels. A small glimpse of GP. Muthu’s dialogue, and I thought of adding a small portion before the dialogue and this led to the song. Soon after I sent the song for the music and Sandy Master, both of them liked the song and things just got kickstarted.

8. Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?
I’m more into mobile gaming like Pubg. Cricket is my favourite sport.

9. Who is your ideal musician to collaborate with and why?
I’ve worked with the top mainstream musicians over a certain period of time. Everytime I listen to them or work with them I get inspired by their music. I wanted to work with Yuvan sir and it’s been my dream always.

10. You’re a lyricist as well, how do you manage yourself to write lyrics so well?
Nothing to manage, I just write the lyrics randomly. When I write lyrics for other artists, I’ll be more sensible. Take reference from the books to avoid repeated words and that’s how lyrics work.

11. Which qualities do you think make a great musician?
Consistency is the main quality, henceforth it should be true to the art work. We have to sit and invest a lot of time to do it and manage to deliver the source in the correct way.

12. Can you tell us about your upcoming projects?
We are currently working on Wrong way, Rant’s music video and exclusively making a club mix and music video of Edhuvum Kidaikalana.