In the bustling city of Chennai, Shankarnarayanan, affectionately known as Blade Shankar, started his journey as a radio jockey. With a career spanning over two decades at Suryan FM, Blade’s roots in comedy trace back to his college days, where he showcased his talent in mimicry shows and cultural events. Even during his school years, Blade exhibited a flair for mischief and satire, earning a reputation for his witty comebacks and ability to evade trouble with a straight face. His comedic prowess caught the attention of renowned actor Radha Ravi, who praised Blade’s ability to maintain composure while delivering laughter-inducing performances on television.

Transitioning to radio, Blade introduced shows like “Blade Number One” and “Chinnathambi & Periyathambi,” where he added his unique spin to traditional Tamil comedy. Rather than simply relishing in “PJs” or “poor jokes,” Blade chose to challenge them with his quick-witted retorts, captivating audiences with his sharp humour and spontaneous responses. His talent for improvisation and knack for finding humour in everyday life solidified his status as a comedic icon in Chennai’s entertainment scene. Expanding his repertoire, Blade ventured into television and film, explored comedic roles with gusto and leaving audiences laughing out loud with his impeccable timing.

Kamal Hassan: Comedy Inspiration
Blade Shankar credits Kamal Hassan as his comedy inspiration. While not labeled as a comedian, Kamal excels in comedic roles. Blade grew up watching Kamal’s films like “Panchathanthiram” and “Singaravelan” repeatedly, learning from his nuanced performances. He particularly admires Kamal’s attention to detail, noting a subtle spoon moment in “Singaravelan” as a standout example. In his own career, Blade applies lessons learned from Kamal, infusing humor into even the smallest roles, as seen in his debut in “Saguni.” Inspired by Kamal’s versatility, Blade continues to innovate in the world of comedy.

Evolution of Comedy in Indian Cinema
The evolution of comedy in Indian cinema has seen remarkable shifts over the years. From slapstick legends like Charlie Chaplin to the iconic duo of Goundamani and Senthil, each era brought its own unique style to the forefront. Vadivelu’s unmatched comedic genius and Santhanam’s contemporary charm further elevated the genre. Today, comedy seamlessly integrates into movie plots, blurring the lines between hero and comedian. This evolution reflects the dynamic nature of Tamil cinema, where laughter remains a vital component of storytelling.

Regional Comedians
Blade emphasises the cultural significance of regional comedians, highlighting Brahmanandam’s impact in Telugu cinema. He acknowledges the challenges comedians face in crossing language barriers but celebrates the unique significance each regional comedian brings to their industry.

Upcoming Projects
Blade shares insights into his upcoming projects, including “Salon,” “Revolver Rita” with Keerthy Suresh, and a potential role in “Soodhu Kuvam 2.” These projects mark significant milestones in Blade’s comedic journey, promising memorable performances for audiences.


Which celebrity is livelier off screen?
Actors Jiva, Arya, Urvashi, Yogi Babu and cinematographer Richard.

Which celebrity is vice-versa off screen?
Actor Karthi Sivakumar has done comical roles on-screen but he maintains more reserved and straightforward demeanor off-screen.

What does comedy mean to you?
Comedy is heartbeat.