1. What is unique about Kaizen?
Kaizen is special because it was founded out of pure joy and passion for interior and architectural design. The company was built on experience and a vision — to design, create and innovate spaces, products, and accessories in the best way possible that suits not only the client but the surrounding space. We also are constantly aiming to find new, top quality materials that are trending, underrated, or even eco-friendly. Kaizen has a passion for being eco-friendly and finding new ways to implement sustainability into projects. We also work on projects that help animal safety on the streets of Chennai.

2. What is the story behind the name Kaizen?
Kaizen is a Japanese term that was originally popularised by the Six Sigma movement that all corporate companies were embracing, around the same time as when Kaizen, our store was being planned. It has been an apt name for us as we are constantly changing and upgrading our skills and services with time, requirement, and as the present time dictates.

3. What are the products Kaizen has in store and tell us about your latest collections?
When a client walks in they mostly preferred the customisation route. Hence over time our furniture offer of readymade furniture reduced. But we find clients do need accent pieces to complete their spaces which most often they need at the last minute. So we are now creating a line of accent furniture that will be readily available at the store. To complement it, we are again focusing on growing our line of accessories which will make wonderful pieces for the home. We are continuously growing our range of fabrics and wall cladding to bring new and different options in a wide range of materials to our clients. We have recently launched a range of wallpapers finished in woven seagrass. Natural materials are used in beautiful ways. We have recently completed a project of fabricating containers to be used in ponds across the country for the process of photo -remediation, using a mix of planting material and plants that are best suited to effectively absorb toxins and metals in the waters caused by effluent discharge and dumping, thereby cleaning the water and improving the air quality of that area. We work with artists and artisans across the country and with a couple from other countries too.

4. What are the future plans for Kaizen?
Kaizen’s future plans are to keep striving and build our reputation within the design field and grow our business. We also aim to expand all across India and aim to tap into international markets. Our plans also consist of exploring new materials for our fabrics and products that will help us bring in new and innovative designs that will help set our design company apart from the rest.

Kaizen by Sonali Chitale
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