From modelling to television, how did the shift happen?
Firstly, the shift was only possible because my family supported me. I began studying fashion designing in Bangalore, but it didn’t excite me as much as the possibility of a career in films or television. I shifted to Pune and trained with Lovell Prabhu and that’s how I eventually got into the television industry.

How has your career in Hindi TV been?
It has been an absolute roller coaster ride. In the beginning, I only faced rejections and my first break came courtesy Vikas Gupta and his Lost Boy production house. That began my journey and now I am shooting multiple projects, all of which have been currently stalled thanks to COVID-19.

Have you been planning to get into films?
That’s been my focus all along. I am always looking at work in films and if something comes my way, I’ll definitely jump into it.

Any plans on moving back South?
I am from here and I am not averse to working in any industry, as long as the role excites me. So, sure! If I get work here in Bangalore, why not?