The Ministry of Chutneys at the Radisson Blu Chennai is a must-visit for anyone who loves traditional Indian flavours. It is South India’s first ever anglo-Indian cuisine restaurant, featuring a specially curated menu that combines spices to embrace the rich Indian flavours while catering to the delicate palates of expats

The restaurant exudes grandeur and creates a serene atmosphere to fully appreciate the authentic flavours of Anglo-Indian cuisine. The decor is inspired by the traditional Indian kitchen, with warm colours, rustic finishes, and a cozy atmosphere. The ambience is perfect for both casual meals and special occasions. The addition of a wood fire oven setup and live open kitchen, along with a buffet, makes for a complete dining experience. The interiors have been carefully crafted to transport you to a different era. The ambience is lively and aesthetic, with modern artworks that exude traditional elements. This creates a warm and inviting environment perfect for indulging in a culinary adventure. The pleasant background music adds to the ambience and makes for an enjoyable dining experience. The cherry on top is the unique chilli-shaped chandelier, which adds to the theme of the restaurant. They also use a variety of cutlery not commonly seen, reminiscent of the colonial period.

As soon as we stepped into the restaurant and took our seats, the sous-chef came up to us with a trolley. They usually welcome their guests by introducing their signature chutney trolley that has around 12-types of chutneys including Devil chutney which was a showstopper. Along with it, sweet mango chutney, apple and dates chutney, palau chutney were unique enough to stir up the nostalgia even before we could think about it. Starting off with the soups, I tried the Lamb Trotters Soup and the Muligatwani Soup, both of which were absolutely delicious and warmed me up instantly.

Moving on to the starters, I tried the Lamb Minced Puff and the Veg Puff, which were both crispy and flaky. The Lamb Minced Puff was filled with a flavourful mixture of lamb and spices, while the Veg Puff had the perfect essence and balance of vegetables that were cooked to perfection. The Mushroom Pepper Fry with Toast was a great combination of flavours and textures, with the mushroom and pepper adding a good amount of heat to the dish.

For the main course, I had Coconut Rice with Lamb Minced Ball Curry, which was a traditional Anglo-Indian dish. The lamb meatballs were soft and flavourful, and the Devil chutney based curry had a rich and creamy texture that paired perfectly with the coconut rice that was garnished with fried onions and roasted cashews. The Spinach and Dal Curry and Drumstick Tomato Curry were also very well prepared and delicious.

For dessert, I had the Carpet Pudding which was a cold dessert and it was a perfect ending to the meal. The Almond Butter Pudding was warm, and was a comforting and satisfying dessert which complemented each other well and melted in the mouth.

The food was delicious and authentic, and the atmosphere was warm and inviting.

Must-Try Dishes:
12-Types of Chutneys with Toast
Coconut Rice & Lamb-minced ball Curry
Carpet Pudding

Where: Radisson Blu Hotel, GRT Chennai.
Meal For Two: 3000 for two