1. What made you decide to take up acting as a profession?
I started doing commercials and I have been part of a lot of popular brands.. I enjoyed the process and eventually I enrolled myself into an acting workshop. I loved what I was doing and I still love what I do. It just made me explore more about myself. I started getting movie offers and I was super excited for it. I realised that this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to be an actor. While I was doing commercials I decided that I wanted to be an actor.

2. How did Coffee with Kadhal happen?
For the Coffee with Kadhal project I actually got a call from Riaz sir. I was traveling at that point of time. I got to know that it’s Sundar C Sir’s film. I said okay and told them that I will take the narration. The next day I took the narration and immediately I wanted to be a part of this film. Apparently Sundar C Sir had watched my Telugu film and that’s how I got into this film.

3. What type of projects do you want to do?
I want to explore everything. I think an actor should love to explore everything and be ready to act in all kinds of genres. Right now, I really want to explore a role, where I could play a simple village girl or a very simple character. Basically, a girl next door where I could connect with the audience.

4. What are your upcoming projects?
My upcoming projects are I’m working in Hindi as well as Telugu. In Tamil I can’t disclose right now what I’m doing but definitely you will get to know soon.

5. You’re also an advocate, why this career shift?
Yes, I am an advocate. There is no career shift to be honest. As an advocate we are not supposed to practice two things together and I can’t practice because I have got this role. So basically it’s not a career shift. At some point of time in my life, maybe after I’m 45 or 50 I would love to practice law again and make the career shift. I still have my law license, so I would love to retire as a judge when I’m 60. So that’s what my goal is start practicing law, when I’m 45.

6. What are the most valuable skills for an actress?
I don’t know about skills but definitely the one thing that every actor and actress should have is the urge to learn something new everyday because you don’t know what kind of role you will be offered or what you will be playing in your next film. That is something that I try to do. I try to learn new things. I started learning kathak, pole dance, kickboxing, badminton and tennis. I basically want to learn everything. As an actor, you need to know a lot of things and new languages too. I have started to learn Tamil and Telugu. I know Hindi but I’m fluent in Marathi and Gujarati. So basically I have to learn a lot of things.

7. Tell us more about the cast of Coffee with Kadhal?
Coffee with Kadhal cast has been really sweet with me and definitely very welcoming as I’m coming from a different industry. I have worked in Tollywood and Bollywood but in the Tamil industry it was my first debut and they have been very welcoming, very supportive and help me to learn the language. And I am so glad that my debut film was with them.

8. As an actor, what kind of stories do you look up to?
As an actor I love the scripts like Queen. When Kangana played her character I loved Queen. I loved watching the film Fashion and Dear Zindagi, Alia Bhatt’s character in that and of course Gangubai Kathiyawadi. As an actor I love these kinds of stories.

9. What are your upcoming projects?
I’m working in Hindi movies as well as in Telugu. In Tamil I can’t disclose right now what I’m doing, but will definitely announce my new Tamil projects soon.


1. Last search on YouTube?
I’ve been watching my interviews on YouTube so definitely my last search is interviews that I’ve watched.

2. Last movie you watched?
The last movie that I watched was
Coffee with Kadhal.

3. Celebrity crush?
My celebrity crush in Bollywood would be Shah Rrukh Khan, but in the Tamil industry it would definitely be “Thalapathy” Vijay Sir.

4. Scale of 1-10, how good are you as an actor?
To be honest, I wouldn’t want to rate anything because I’m still learning and I don’t think I can rate myself right now.

5. Inspirational quote you would apply to your life?
My inspirational quote- You fail when you stop trying so never stop trying.

6. One person, you would call when you’re in a problem?
One of my friends, Manara Chopra, is a Telugu actress and she has worked in Bollywood too. She is definitely my best friend I would say. So whenever I have a problem I would give her a call

7. Dubbing or acting?
Acting definitely, dubbing is quite difficult to be honest.I enjoy acting.

8. What’s the one thing you’d do, when you’re home alone?
I would watch something on Netflix or I would start glass painting or sketching or something like that or I would just sleep. But definitely I’m a Netflix person. I watch whenever I’m alone.

9. What’s your pet peeve?
Basically one thing that I find annoying in other people is when they use too much phone whether they are with people or even with friends . I hate when people use their phone all the time. Something that people could find annoying in me is that usually I disconnect when someone doesn’t pick my call on time, doesn’t reply or respond. I’ve always been like that. I’m not a phone person so I have hurt my friends in many ways because of this. My friends have told me that they find this very annoying about me that I don’t respond on time, but I definitely take calls when it is really important. Otherwise, I try to be in my own space and stay busy with my work.

10. What’s your favourite cuisine?
My favourite cuisine would be Italian.