Ever wondered why your date didn’t call you back after that cocktail party? Did something go wrong somewhere? Women are a picky species and they can spot everything under the sun, including that little bit of shaving foam behind your ears you forgot to wash off. You could dismiss her saying; she’s not your type. But what if she is? Therefore, all you need to do is sharpen your wining and dining skills right down to the last sip. The road to temptation heaven is in the details.

In vino veritas. In wine, there is truth. And impressing women on a date isn’t difficult. But men do the stupidest things and end up eating crow. Some of the silliest reasons quoted by women for dumping their men include: bad hair, smelly mouth, did not carry enough cash, too much perfume, low self-esteem, gypsy jeans, pink streaks in the hair, watch didn’t work, worn-out shoes, and using her phone to make a call.

Surprised? Well, don’t be. The list goes on. What you need to remember is to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes. Wining and dining women begins with the way you groom yourself. Here goes the route map to Temptation Island.
Dress rehearsal: Take a bath. Smell good. Musky deos work wonders. Feel good – we are talking about clean hair and good oral hygiene, not mood-enhancing drugs. Dirty and long nails on men are as repulsive to women as butter on the corner of your mouth. Keep them trimmed and your lips moistened (what if she wants to kiss you?). Wear anything you’re comfortable with. Don’t dress up to make an impression. Be yourself and you’ll have her trailing you. Take care of your shoes, and don’t forget to wear fresh socks.

At the restaurant: Choose the finest table, the more minimalistic, the better. Make sure you get enough privacy and a flower bouquet on your table. Candle-lit restaurants are more romantic; even ethnic ones with subdued lighting. If you’re the first one to arrive, make sure you don’t seem agitated, even if you are. Be gracious and stand up when she arrives. Do all that chivalry demands. And do not let her pay the bill, even if she’s more loaded than you are. And do this every time. You will earn your dividends later.

While dining: Do not get too drunk (if you are drinking). This will scare her, unless she is a more voracious drinker. Eat slowly and tidily. Only talk after you’ve swallowed your food in full. Imagine bits and pieces flying across and parking themselves on her pretty face.
She’d be mortified. Give her the freedom to choose the menu, unless there is something exceptionally nice that you want her to try. Do not seem frivolous. And yes, even if you are over excited about meeting her on a date, play hard to get. Talk sense and do not bore with cricket updates or stock details. She will think you are like the rest of the species: stereotypical and uninteresting. Don’t make yourself seem like a wannabe shouting out loud about your accomplishments either. Women love to talk. So ask them the right questions. Give them enough attention. It’s okay to ask them about favourite restaurants, movies, food, but for temptation’s sake, don’t ask about her ex-boyfriend or her current husband she wants to get away from. Make sure your talk stays interesting. Choose interesting topics and discuss at varying lengths. Impress her with your ideas.
They could range from aura reading to candid photography to bungee jumping to photographing nudes a la Titanic. If you find her the adventurous kind, pretend to read her palm and forecast the night ahead in lurid details. If she laughs and your eyes meet, you’ve won.

After dining: Take a walk. This is the time where your hearts are racing, and things have worked or not worked. Get funny and have her laugh. Enjoy it.
Turn the atmosphere into a highly romantic one. Honestly, confess to yourself. What are you looking for? Do you really want to jump into bed with her on the very first date? Even if you want to, don’t initiate it. It’s always better to try that next time you meet. But if she’s the one who initiates it, it’s better to not miss out on yet another opportunity to impress her.

On bed, if and when: Yes, everybody has watched porn. But porn sex is not real sex, so do not attempt it. Make sure you know what her likes and dislikes are and then go about finalizing your plans. Do not lose control in bed. Go about it slowly and blissfully. It works wonders for both of you. Not to mention, exploring new positions, aromas and mood lighting.

Dinner and a movie: If you want to escape the big screen, surround sound and the crowds; surprise her with your cooking skills. Cook her a meal at home loaded with aphrodisiacs like pine nuts, asparagus, garlic, avocados, arugula, prawns, nutmeg, leeks, mustard, star anise and bay leaves. Not to mention, chocolate. Spice up the affair by telling her the merits of each aphrodisiac while serving them to her. After dinner (by candlelight, if you’re a romantic), stream a mutually favourite movie classic or a foreign film you won’t find at the theatre. The rest will happen, with or without a generous helping of the aphrodisiacs. You’ve impressed her enough. She’s yours.

Last thoughts: You know you’ve impressed a woman when she gets back to you. Take that as a call for the next dine out. But if you think you can skip dinner and go straight to the act, don’t. Dining and wining is what attracted her to you. Lose wine and you lose your woman. But wait. What about those people who say wining and dining is not required for dating? Well, they definitely wanted to net the girl on the cheap. Now ask yourself, if you are cheap. However, if you have a genuine reason to believe that dating shouldn’t be expensive (no money, honey), choose a coffee shop instead. But remember, it is nowhere as impressive as a dine-out.