2021 has been a crazy year so far for the couples in love ready to tie the knot. It’s every man and woman’s cherished dream to make their D Day special and memorable. The big fat lavish Indian weddings have taken a backseat due to the current pandemic. The $50billion wedding industry is facing a number of challenges due to the pandemic. But that doesn’t mean the weddings are off too. Couples are walking the alter in a more intimate manner and marriages have acquired a personalised touch with less yet more meaningful people in attendance. Commenting on the trend, Shikha Nahata, Co-Founder and Partner, Zeroin says, “Over the last few months, wedding ceremonies and the wedding industry have undergone tremendous changes. The big fat Indian wedding has been replaced by intimate and memorable gatherings. Though wedding celebrations are now more intimate and conducted on a much smaller scale, it still requires a whole lot of planning and meticulous execution.” Let’s check out the bridal trends this year.

Wedding Planning
Vithika Agarwal and Divya Chauhan of Divya Vithika Wedding Planners who are known in the industry for many of their celebrity weddings are not too optimistic of planning weddings this season, due to obvious reasons. Here is what they are keeping in mind while planning for weddings in 2021.

Everyone from high-end bridal designers, to mainstream retail stores, have jumped on the face mask “trend,” giving brides, grooms, and guests plenty of fashionable options to wear. Whether you’re a classic or boho bride, bold or romantic, there are masks that are fit every taste and budget too. From personally monogramed masks to lace one, couture ones to bulk solid colours one. Floral to geometric prints ones. The choices are endless. An added bonus is that they are great wedding favours too.

Couples are finding creative, Instagram worthy ways to provide sanitizer on their special day, including stations, signage and hand sanitizer wedding favours.

People are more aware of their footprint than ever. And as digital invitations and virtual celebrations become more popular, couples are seeing the impact they can have. From using local resources for décor to supporting local karigars. Couples are leaning towards traditional weaves like the banarasi, kanjeevaram along with a plethora of other traditional embroideries

Micro Weddings with personalisation in every detail
This year, we are seeing a rise in the micro wedding, in other words an intimate wedding with fewer guests. There are many advantages to this new trend, from a focus on who is in attendance to the overall vibe of the event. Every aspect of the wedding can be personalised.

At home weddings
There’s always something special about an at-home wedding and especially so during a pandemic. With guest lists getting shorter this is so much more achievable.

Domestic Destinations
There has been a rise in local destinations that are a car or train ride away. This prioritises guest safety and makes travel easier for everyone involved—no passport required.

Personalising and involving guests if you are having an online wedding

Whether they’re marrying on Zoom or with a downsized guest list, couples are not forgetting about guests not physically with them. They are mailing celebration boxes to guests and asking them to toast from afar with a custom cocktail kit or mini bottle of bubbly. Some are even sending treats like a mini wedding cake, cookies, or, in some cases, the full wedding meal! We love this idea and hope it will continue for guests unable to attend.

Naina Satish Lengade of Label Paramita, who retails out of her quaint and stately boutique in HSR Layout in Bangalore, states, “This year with the global pandemic persisting countless challenges have been thrown at Wedding Designers and Planners worldwide causing a monumental impact. One of the influential wedding trends of 2021 is going big on the small details such as paying attention to the smaller personal details be it a big or small wedding on cards focusing on smaller details and personalised experiences to create magic.”

Naina adds, “Sustainability has become a conscious practice amongst couples to ensure their wedding celebrations have no impact on the environment thus leaning towards eco-friendly choices and focusing on going local. Supporting traditional artisans and small brands and businesses has made a major comeback this pandemic. Traditional weaves and exquisite vintage hand embroideries with their roots originating from Mughal Kharkanas have made brides sport their heritage with pride. The other bridal trends of 2021 include Ruffles and Frills in a big way balancing modern with the tradition approach. Stylised blouses with extravagant ruffle and frill sleeves with varied and plunging necklines are huge this season also in combination lighter lehengas. Layering is another trendsetter meeting ethnicity from wearing sheer capes to bling glamorous jackets for all seasons. Trims accessorising the ensemble has turned up the glam factor a notch with Pearl beaded trims, scallop cut trims, feather trims etc., Key colours this Bridal Season are Fuchsia, Yellow, Emerald Hues, Cobalt, Red and a huge dominance of pastel hues.”

Fuss-free festive finished with a whole lot of spunk, and free-spirited exuberance – Indya presents a fresh take on celebratory wedding wear in a dreamy new summer festive collaboration with designer Payal Singhal. Setting the tone for the new season of intimate weddings, this collection is a beautiful amalgamation of Indya’s playful elegance and Payal Singhal’s India Modern sensibility. Along with being fresh, flattering & versatile, what steers this capsule is inclusivity. Payal Singhal for Indya collection comprises 64 stylish separates; where the separates can be pieced together to create stunning head-to-toe looks or worn separately with existing closet pieces. A sorbet colour palette of blush pink, mint, powder blue, and grey with pops of lemon yellow and navy have been spruced with Payal Singhal’s trademark gypset and tribal embellishments for an end-result that is equal parts playful and poised.

Swati Gupta, Bodycraft states, “The pandemic has certainly changed the way we wed and a “normal” wedding might not look the same as before, but it’s safe to assume that the glitz, glam and fashion are here to stay.

A pared-back party: The weddings are compact but the drama can still be big. Bring the party to the hair with elaborate dos. Avant-garde hairstyles and big puffy hairdos are in. Incorporate summer flowers or flowery jewellery to bring some summer freshness.

Bold and beautiful: Big brows and long, fluffy lashes are here to stay, on and off the runway in 2021. Keep the drama going by accentuating your eyes with thick lashes and dark, gel-set brows.

Bright is just right: Bright monotone wedding attires are the trend of the season. Make sure you bring some of the brightness to your make up too. Choose a pop of colour to create a focal point with either a bold lip or eyes that dazzle. Use some glitter or graphic eyeliner on your eyes to make sure they make a statement, even with a mask on. Make sure the make-up doesn’t clash with your mask and your lipstick doesn’t transfer.

Summer fresh skin: Your wedding attire most probably comes with a matching mask. A 2021 wedding necessity is makeup that doesn’t move. To ensure there is no smudging or transfer, keep the foundation light and skin fresh. Fresh interventions like the Hydra Medi Facial or Caviar Facial will help the skin glow from within. Pure Gold Indulgence treatments for both face and body are the go-to treatments for brides to be.

Nails for days: A gel polish that won’t budge for days is what every bride needs to avoid a chipped polish situation during the festivities. Pick neutral tones that complement all your outfits. Glitter polish is perfect to add a little bling to your nail. Add a little nail art if you want to have fun with it.”

Cebelrity makeup artist, known for her bridal makeup, Gouri Kapur has been in the makeup industry for two decades and has worked on the likes of Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Sonali Bendre and others. She has worked her magic on brides from many prestigious families -Scindia’s daughter’s wedding, Narayan Murthy’s daughter’s wedding and Nandan Nileken’s daughter’s wedding. Gouri Kapur has now has started a webseries on YouTube, “In-Depth with Gouri Kapur” through her production house Gouri kapur Productions. She runs the Gouri Kapur Makeup Academy and is one of the first makeup artists to establish her name with brides and fashion. Here are some bridal tips from Gouri Kapur.

MAKEUP: The trend in Bridal makeup is an understated glamorous look. I strongly believe skin should look like skin when make-up is applied. Though, nowadays, you also see quite the opposite which is also applauded by people who want to “see” the makeup!
Sophistication and elegance can be achieved with makeup, as make-up has the power to change your personality temporarily, so brides should choose their artists depending on what suits their personality.

Makeup should not overpower your personality which unfortunately is rampant these days. It must enhance your personality, and not change it.

Colours of wedding outfits are still the same with a few experiments on fun occasions where makeup again plays an important role in acquiring a ‘look’.
No amount of expensive jewellery and clothes can be an excuse for badly applied makeup. Certain people look at makeup as easy and just painting a face. That’s true, anyone can, but how well you do it makes all the difference.

SKIN: Skincare must be incorporated on a consistent level and I strongly believe in natural simple products off the kitchen shelf rather than the fancy instant skin care. Certain bride expect amazing results in a short span of time. (If you have serious skin issues, a dermatologist would be recommended).

Tomato puree with lemon is great for clear shiny skin (provided lemon suits your skin otherwise, just use the puree).

Gram flour is excellent for everyday skin care and can be used simply with just milk or cream and almond oil. Lemon, and turmeric can be added as additional options.

Rice flour, crushed sugar, fresh cream, lemon, almond oil is a fab maintenance remedy for younger looking skin.

Crushed sugar, lemon, honey and a bit of cream is great for exfoliation.
The right intake of food for your skin and natural products for application done on a regular basis keeps your skin always ready and problem free.

HAIR: Perfection in each nuance of application and knowledge of the craft makes it picture perfect, and in that, the hairstyle plays an integral part.

Hair must again complement the personality and a done up ‘effortless’ look is what is in with hairstyling. Elegance and sophistication is the key here too.

I strongly recommend a fresh aloe vera and almond oil hair pack, banana and honey pack, a neem pack (spray neem water) for problematic hair on a regular basis for healthy hair.

A reputed artist must have reputed brands of hair products as well which help in giving a done up yet effortless look.

Though there is so much out on the net, the knowledge of the right products and application is lacking.

The journey to love is a celebration! It is one to be commemorated and for that Jewellery By Nikitha has a wide range of precious jewellery adorned with gemstones, a symbol of love. Sharing bridal trends, Hyderabad based jewellery designer, Nikitha Linga says, “With COVID taking over the country and weddings becoming smaller and more intimate, most brides now prefer dressing simple yet making an impact by wearing something unique. To make a statement, brides now prefer wearing just one big statement piece instead of layering with multiple different pieces.

Another trend, we see more often now a days is that, the pick for the engagements is always diamonds and gold jewellery for the wedding this is also because of the timings for the occasions. Also, off late we have realised that the traditional stiff vadanams (traditional gold ornamental belt worn around the waist) have completely gone out of trend. We have been designing a lot of flexible vadanams because they are simple and easy to wear for others occasions as well. With the traditional stiff vadanams, one can only carry it off in a close family members events however, with the new flexible vadanams they can always reuse it and wear it more often.

Similarly, we have also been recommending and seeing a spur in the demand for statement hangings. Statement hangings are usable and easy to wear repeatedly for multiple occasions.

From diamonds for the engagement to gold jewellery for your special day, there’s also Kundan, layered malas and Maata Pati to name a few that are evergreen.

Happy wedding season!