Just like any piece of the wardrobe, choosing a fragrance is a very personal choice. A complete sensorial experience in themselves, fragrances are an expression of one’s mood and persona. Taking this sensory experience up several notches is wiSDom by Sheetal Desai – a luxury fine fragrance house focused on crafting products that allow for layering and curating scents personal to each individual. Fragrance layering is an ART. It’s a science of blending multiple fragrances to create a unique scent identity that is truly ‘YOURS’. Layer 2 or 3 together or use as just 1 to discover a scent that hits your sweet spot.

Educate, Experiment, ExperienceIndividuality, and Expression are at the pillars of the brand. Aiming to provide an experience rather than just perfumed products, wiSDom sets itself apart by innovating with Layering Technology. This allows a person to experiment and layer on multiple scents to create one that is unique to their personality. The exploration and experimentation of discovering the ‘perfect fragrance’ is an exciting experience unlike any other. Sheetal Desai, the brainchild behind this unique concept, grew up in a family that was immersed in creating essential oils, and pioneers in the industry. Armed with over 25 years of experience in the fragrance industry in India and internationally, Sheetal started wiSDom in 2018 with a clear vision – Why wear a brand that is accessible by everyone else, why not wear ‘you’?

“Fragrances are very subjective and two different persons can react completely differently to the same fragrance. We all perceive fragrances differently,” says Sheetal. With this in mind and to restrict any bias, she uses numeric to identify her blends instead of naming them. One of these is No. 22 – made with the ethereal notes of Fresh Green Rose (rose bud) and Floral Rose (full bloom)with a base note of Woods Rose (earthy rose), embodies the different stages of a woman’s life through the journey of a rose. What’s more, you can also get a deconstructed Set of Miniatures in 10ml bottles. This set of 3 bottles showcases the stages of a rose, which can be layered to create your own version. Complementing this is No. 131 – a bold and beautiful fragrance, crafted with the perfect balance of Rose, Oud, Leather and Woods. The brand’s bestsellers also include giftable such as Miniature Set of 3 – Masculine – a trio of No. 41 (Bergamot, Apple, Birch & Vetivert); No. 85 (Pepper, Grapefruit, Musk & Patchouli); and No. 130 (Oud & Saffron); and Miniature Set of 3 – Feminine – a set of No. 91 (Rich white floral with a soft base of vanilla and musk for the sophisticated); No. 103 (floral gourmands and woods for the sensual and chic) and No. 131 (a spectacular Oriental fragrance for the bold and beautiful). The beautiful black box comes with a short description of all three blends, and a guide on how these can be worn individually or layered for different moods and occasions.

In addition to these products, wiSDom also has a range of Scented Homeware Accents which embody the same brand philosophy. Mastering the art of perfumery, the brand uses its unique concept of layering through the trinity of the Candles, Reed Diffusers and Room Sprays, to create the perfect signature scent for your space. The Pepper & Patchouli Candle, a woody spicy layered fragrance with an intoxicating pepper & patchouli notes creates a zen like ambiance.  The candle when layered with the reed diffuser & room spray not only creates an ambiance but also gives a holistic experience. The Amber & Velvet Rose Candle carries floral notes of velvet rose and sparkling water lily, with the edginess of cedar, sandal, musk, and amber. The Orchid & Vanilla Candle & Diffuser, which has top notes of the sensual orchid accord, a heart of heady narcissus, and a sweet and comforting base of vanilla, makes for an elegant setting. You can also indulge in the Jasmine & Tuberose Diffuser, a fragrance that will take you back in time to the old, royal days of the Moghul empire