The moment we step away out of our personal space of comfort, into the outside world, there invariably comes a need to present ourselves in a version that is on a survival mode, arms up in guard, defensive, shielded and not entirely who we truly are. This is no mistake of ours, as with time we learn from our life experience, techniques to safeguard ourselves from humiliation and hurt; a skill that we continue believing, hoping it will serve us through life. To our utter dismay, it seldom does as we are no longer the people we used to be, and every problem or challenge is different in nature.

The protective shield that we wear, to hide our shortcomings, fears, apprehensions and insecurities within, also hides from the real world the real us and all that we are worth.

With life throwing curve balls at us all the time, once too often surprising and challenging us whilst sometimes getting us to break down, it can be anything from our inability to get to our goals, failing health of loved ones, financial losses, work-life balance, lacking confidence or simply a complete breakdown of relationships or life as a whole.

We all need someone with whom to share our challenges; not having to sugar-coat the conversation from fear of being judged, humiliated or shamed. A space in which we could acknowledge our weaknesses and bare our vulnerabilities on our sleeves, whilst seeking help by choice; for it creates this unique opportunity to learn and evolve to be all that we are worthy of, an obligation to self that most people fail to see until it’s too late.

One such place where we could put all of our apprehensions to rest is when we engage the services of a LIFE COACH, who provides a safe space where we will find our values, beliefs and privacy handled with utmost confidentiality. S/he comes to the conversation with the presupposition that we are resourceful, complete and capable of achieving our personal and professional goals. S/he becomes our accountability partner continually engages us in a thought-provoking conversation, co-creating deeper insights on personal limitations and our innate potential empowering us towards our goals. The coaching conversation is a forward-thinking personal development exercise taking us towards where we want to be or become, and works on what it takes to get there and away from what’s not serving us anymore.

It’s not really about how “successful” we are but to know that our present life is a reflection of all that we can possibly be. A measure that most mark with the stars they wear on their sleeve, reflecting financial and professional glories and other social markers of worthiness. In reality, this is far from true as us being in harmony, content and happy, comes with striking a balance in all aspects of life starting from our personal health, physical environment, relationships with family and friends, spiritual journey, intimate and romantic relationships, fun and recreational activities, spiritual and social contribution, personal growth and self-image, to mention a few. Each one is as important as the other to hold one in a good space of existence.

Here is a list of some very affluent individuals who engage a LIFE COACH (a very long list but I have mentioned a few you might connect with). Starting with Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo Di Caprio, Bill Clinton, Metallica, Serena Williams, Andre Agassi, Huge Jackman, Eric Schmidt (former CEO of Google), Von Miller, Justin Bieber, Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell (MMA)… With one thing in common being the steadfast need to be the best version of themselves every single day, as they create a life that’s truly worthy of them.

Whilst choosing our coach it will serve us well to check his/her credentials, with some of the international bodies being International Coaching Federation (ICF), European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) and CCE Life Coaches, for the coaches that qualified are bound by strict practice guidelines and standards, legal obligations and codes of ethics, ensuring our placement in good hands with the skill to partner us in this journey.

So if you find yourself at the cross roads, lack clarity or lost as we most often do or when you just know you could be a lot better than you are today, do check in with your life coach.

Signing off, wishing you a life bigger than you dreams of today…

Ajith Anirudhan
“The Listener”
Life Empowerment Coach (ACC) ™ (CCA)
International Coaching Federation (USA)

(The word COACH/ COACHING is synonymous with multiple services in the market from physical fitness trainers or individuals who by virtue of their life experience believe they can guide/ help individuals though Life Coaching as defined above, and who unlike counseling, psychotherapy or mentoring offer no advice, suggestions, solutions, recommendations or prescriptions.)