Deferring life until when one is a bit taller, a grade higher, a grade better, a year older, a little stronger, a little richer and so on, is thought to be a sure-shot way to a greater grander life experience, not realising that everything worthy is in the now and can be lost forever as it’s not for takes at the finish line.

In a movie I saw way back in the year 2003 called “Life or something like it” wherein Angelina Jolie is interviewing a homeless psychic, Prophet Jack, for a fluffy piece about a football game’s score, he mockingly instead tells her that “She lives a life of no meaning and it sure will end in a few days”. And the life that plays out thereafter inspires her to take action to change the patterns of her life; to live more meaningfully. This probably laid the seed of thought that started changing my perspective towards living life in the now; for what it’s worth, now is all that we have to experience and endure, be it personal, relationships or destination; in the now is where we are truly alive.

We are all pacing up and looking far ahead to experience a better life, because I know I have myself done this, and probably will continue to be in pursuit. But thankfully I’ve seen the seeds of thought grow, into mindfulness about personal experiences with time, the value of stopping to be in the moment in conversation, to see and feel the world in all its glory and with a touch of spirituality, by listening to and reading works of inspirational teachers and stoics. I have initiated the need to be and experience all in the now for all it’s worth.

A profound question that Sadhguru asked Dr. Devi Shetty in one of his interviews was, “When last did you see the sunrise or walk barefoot on lush green grass feeling the morning dew?” For which all he could respond with was a smile and I could not think of any better response because I just do not know when I did wake up to see the sunrise or walk barefoot. I encourage each one of us to do so to connect our physical and mental self with nature.
Unlike in a race wherein you run towards the finish line, from the first breath it’s the finish line that is coming towards us. So slow down a bit and love the experience of this beautiful journey called life, for it’s how accomplished you feel from the inside that counts when the finish line reaches you.
Signing off saying “Live a bit!”