Indian food industry is flourishing day by day and will continue to do so at a rapid pace over the next few years due to the boom in consumer spending power, brand innovation and greater acceptance of international and local cuisines through internet and travel. Millennials and Gen Zs are quickly adopting international flavours and cuisines and trying to add bits and elements of these to our traditional Indian cuisine as well. However, we are often faced with limitations when it comes to having access to gourmet ingredients. But what if there was an easy way to modernise and add a touch of international flavour to your Indian delicacies?

Let your family experience world class cuisines this festive season from the comfort of your homes with Azafran Premium Tastes’ Infused Olive oils that will help you elevate even the simplest dishes, sparking your cooking creativity and helping you make some yummy food. Available in 3 variants- Basil, Bird’s Eye Chilli and Garlic; these oils add a punch to a wide variety of dishes. These aromatic and flavourful organic olive oils are ideal for both cooking and dipping. To add amp up your evening snacks, drizzle the garlic infused olive oil onto some hummus and enjoy a delicious mezze platter at home. Go ahead and drizzle some bird’s eye chilli infused olive oil over pizzas and pasta to instantly elevate the flavours and add some spice to it.

As we celebrate the great Indian festive season, here’s how you can add some international flavour to your traditional delicacies. Desserts are the highlight of every Indian festival and no celebration is left untouched by Indian sweets and mithais. Eating those scrumptious little bites of heaven add more enthusiasm and spirit to our festivities. While we often love to indulge in these sugary delicacies, the guilt of intaking numerous amounts of calories takes over us, in no time! What if there was a way to make our India mithais a little bit healthier and a little bit gourmet… Azafran Premium Tastes’ Wild Forest Organic Honeys come in 7 variants and have a robust, full-bodied flavour and a smooth texture. They make for a perfect sugar alternative and the various flavour help to amp up your regular laddoos and kaju katli.