Shamshad Begum
Insta Handle:

What do you specialise in:
All about my choices in life be it food, fashion, lifestyle or city events.

What is unique about your content:
I like to be creative when it comes to making reels. I love experimenting by giving it a personal touch of emotions, expressions and giving convincing voice overs as I strongly believe that if we create an emotional connection with the audience they are more likely to stay loyal and of course being uniquely YOU is KEY.

How do you ideate for
every post:
Depends on what product I’m endorsing , i like to prepare by seeing the brand’s insta page / website and understand their brand values before I go about ideating a concept for the reel. Sometimes the brand has a few inputs that they like to incorporate in the reels so it’s usually a team work but I love to be as creative as possible so you will always see a little bit of action and drama in all my reels .

Tips to grow and stay unique:
The biggest tip is to stay consistent . Post 3 to 4 reels per week and few stories everyday works like a charm. Also understand your audience and your niche . Do try and create good quality videos even if it’s shot on phone , you can make it crisp , clear n to the point .
I’d highly recommend you find your own style , DO NOT COPY OTHER CONTENT CREATORS , it’s not the way to go about it if you genuinely want to grow. You can take tips n probably copy their ideas but the style of presenting should be UNIQUE which no one can copy . So stay unique by being true to yourself .




Bindya Talluri

Insta Handle:

What do you specialise in:
Beauty and fashion

What is unique about your content ?
I post a lot of raw content with regards to makeup and skincare. I talk about real skin issues that people can relate to. My simple makeup tips and tricks are what help the most.

How do you ideate for every post:
I literally create content according to what people ask me and I feel I should showcase it as it might help someone, then I create it.

Tips to grow and stay unique:
Just be your true authentic self and be consistent with your content.




Reshma S Shyam
Insta Handle:

What do you specialise in:
Dogs. I’m a dog’s best friend. Oh and a Playback singer and a performer.

In what ways do you bring a unique perspective or approach to your work as a singer:
I notice things like I take in even the smallest expression, how they speak, move or walk on stage from a singer, note the minute details they do and practice their techniques during my vocal lessons. I also love to listen to different tones. It helps me grow as an artist because of the combination of different styles. And I’m someone who’s open to trying new things. I am never a “this is who i am and this is what I do” person. Audience cheers, applause and happiness on their face is a blessing and I would call it an addiction. Would forever work hard to get that.

How do you ideate for every post:
Social media is an excellent platform to showcase your art/talent and also helps you to abundantly learn from others. And it helps me connect with my audience and learn their likes and dislikes. Over a period of time I figured what my followers wanted (and I’m still figuring). Quality over quantity. Consistency is vital for Instagram success, but quality equally matters to me. I choose my posts that are relevant to my audience and try to fulfill their requests and expectations every now and then.

Tips to grow and stay unique:
Consistency is everything. Slow progress is better than no progress. So do what you do and never stop believing in yourself. Be open to learning from others because you cannot always be right. Surround yourself with the right and inspiring people. This is something I follow and thought I could share with you.


Chandini Tamilarasan
Instagram handle:

What kind of roles do you specialise in as an actress?
I believe in being versatile as an actress. I try to do homely roles, de glam roles as well as Modern and bold roles. As an actor, it’s important to be open to a variety of roles and genres. While you may specialise in certain types of roles, you never know what new opportunities may come your way, and being versatile and adaptable can help you succeed in your career.

What sets you apart from other actresses in the industry? How do you bring a unique perspective to your performances?
Every person has their own unique qualities and strengths that set them apart from others. Some factors that may differentiate me as an actress could include my acting abilities, range, versatility, charisma, work ethic, personal style, and overall presence on screen. It’s important to embrace and showcase your individuality and strengths as an actress, as this can help you stand out and achieve success in your career.

Could you share your process for coming up with ideas and preparing for each role?
Prepping for each role is different. The first thing I do is listen to the script and gather as much input as I can from the director. I try to understand the character and what the director has in mind. I do this during the pre-production stage. Before I go to the set, I do my homework and try to understand the character and how I want to portray and play it. I also go to the set half-prepared because I like to be spontaneous and improvise more on the set. This way, it helps me to be as natural as I can because I don’t want my performance to be staged.

I let my director get the best out of me. I try to improvise and be as real as I can with utmost dedication and honesty. As I said, some roles are even more challenging, which might require even more prepping time. Some roles are easier. It all depends on the role that I am playing or the character I am portraying in each film. Ultimately, my director is my guideline. Whatever role it is, I try to work it out with the director and on the lines that he wants me to do.

Mostly, I like to have my script beforehand. I like to run through the lines, and I want to be very confident about my lines. So there’s a lot more that I can play around with. Sometimes I also like to work along with directors who give me the script on the day of the shoot, so I have also worked with directors like that. It differs, and I kind of hustle between both the methods.

As an established actress, what advice would you give to aspiring actors/actresses looking to grow their career and stand out in the industry?
Be patient and persistent. Success in acting can take time, so be patient and persistent in pursuing your goals. Rejection is a common experience for actors, but don’t let it discourage you. Develop a strong work ethic. Acting can be a challenging and demanding profession, so it’s important to develop a strong work ethic. Be disciplined in your preparation and approach each role with focus and dedication. Never ever give up.