Founded by acclaimed fashion photographer Syed Zubair and managed by two partners Somaya Dhilon and Viral Nishar, Studio 11 Productions was envisioned as an integration of visual complementary services all under one roof. The resulting amalgamation of a decade’s worth of experiences has helped the studio emerge into the leading production house it is today.

The Team: The team is comprised of highly talented photographers, fashion stylists, make-up artists, retouchers; art directors, model casting directors and videographers bringing together the best of their skills to create high-end visuals for clients. They are a team of passionate professionals who find joy in crafting alluring visual content for all your client’s needs. The team takes care of everything you need; from coming up with the creative idea until the post-processing of the visuals itself.

Services: They provide full-fledged photography and video production services; from coming up with the creative concept to styling, and bringing your product/service to life. To this effect, Studio 11 Productions has state of the art, fully equipped studio spaces in Bangalore and Mumbai to help bring your vision to reality.

The studio has been home to some of the top notch celebrity and brand shoots and continues to be the favourite choice for many in the fashion and lifestyle industry.