1. When and how did you realise that this is what you want to do?
Miss India! My lifelong dream! My first attempt at Miss India wasn’t a complete failure but I didn’t make it to my destination. And that just completely made me realise how badly I wanted to reach there. So I took three years to re prepare myself, mentally physically and emotionally, reprogram my mind and heart and to gather the confidence to walk the runway again and to turn the dream into a reality.

2. What are the hurdles you had to face to reach where you are today?
The most difficult was to convince everyone that there are different career options apart from the regular ones. I was studious and had a safe career, but choosing a different path and that too unknown was a struggle. I had no clue what it was, but research and my mom’s support helped me to reach where I am today.

3. Please share some of the highpoints of your journey so far?
Mostly it’s the love that I am receiving from people. I’m happy that I am able to inspire the younger generation and they tell me that they want to become like me. That feeling is the biggest high and no material success compares to it. I was felicitated by my own school and college. The CM of UP and many more respectable delegates met me and told me that they see potential in me to bring about a change in the country.

4. What in your view did you have that gave you an edge over others in the pageant? Which language comes closest to your heart?
My girls are all sweethearts! But if I had to choose one thing it would be the undying fire I had within. I had tasted the sweet title of Miss India UP 2019 in the past. I tried and failed and that just made the fire in me grow even more. I feel the fact that I went through an ordeal like that pushed me to be the best version of myself after three years of preparation. Language close to my heart would be Hindi and English.

5. It’s not easy the way we women juggle around so many things- our work, homes, families, social life, fitness etc. How do you like plan your daily schedules?
In order to balance work and personal life one should be mentally strong as sometimes things could get overwhelming. In order to juggle my shoots and my family time, I plan correctly and ensure that I call home atleast twice a day when at work.

6. What is your fitness, wellness and beauty mantra?
Staying fit takes will power, courage and the consistency to achieve your goals. My fitness, wellness and beauty mantra would include ensuring no matter what happens on the outside; never lose faith in the inside! A fit body needs a fit mind and if we don’t take care of our mental health we won’t be able to reach the physical fitness goals we set for us.

7. What is your fashion quotient?
Classy all the way! I like trends but I feel I’m more of a leader than a follower. I follow the latest fashion pages to know what’s in fashion as being from this industry it’s not important for me to be up to date but that doesn’t mean I follow trends. I just learn them to broaden my horizon about fashion.

8. What does beauty mean to you?
A calm mind and a beautiful soul. If you’re not happy from inside, how will your beauty reflect on the outside? Smile, spread happiness and glow everyday while making others around you happy. Outside beauty has a shelf life but a beautiful heart beats lifetime and creates an everlasting impact.

9. What is your take on women standing up for each other, especially in the glamour and entertainment industry, do women really do that?
Of course we stand up for each other. I’ve spent 40 days with the most kind and beautiful ladies and we have had each other’s backs throughout the competition. Behind my crown is another woman, prayers. My mother.

10. Please share all the details that many entering the pageant may want to know.
Come not only trained but mentally prepared! In fact I urge the ladies to go through the Miss India grooming school before applying so that they are more prepared and know the expectations of the organisation while choosing their representative for the country. Do not give up if you fail the first time! I’m a living example of how one can achieve their goals if they stay consistent.

11. Indian women are known internationally for their dusky skin but there’s still a section that believes in white skin being beautiful. Although you’re not dusky we would like to know your views on dusky skin and your observations on the same in the industry?
It’s upsetting that our society today too categorises women and their beauty. All women are beautiful just like all roses are beautiful. The thorns are a part of the rose but they don’t diminish the beauty of the flower. It just goes into to show nothing is perfect. Perfection is a myth that we have to break. The petals of the flower emit the scent and feel soft while the thorns poke into our skin. We have to learn to accept flaws beautifully

12. Which are some of your most favourite holiday destinations?
I would love to visit Europe. I absolutely love Goa. Nature, sea at its best and people are so relaxed and there’s a positive vibe everywhere. I can have the best of both the worlds, connect with myself and enjoy with fellow good humans and nature too.

13. Did you master any passions or hobbies in the lockdown period last year?
I like to make the best use of time. Initially I struggled in lockdown not knowing what to do because it was new and a challenge for all of all but I tried my hand in learning Spanish which was quite fun and during the last stages of the lockdown, I joined Meisner Acting workshop. It was a whole new learning experience.

15. Are there any movie offers coming already and are you considering doing movies now?
So many exciting things! But you will just have to stay tuned to find out more. I always say that one should never miss any opportunity. I am working on projects and would like to work with our government and use my platform and space to create a substantial change for the education of children. You’ll also always keep seeing me on screen, but my purpose is much larger.