It was launched at the Auto Expo with much fanfare but in the real world, the Ioniq 5 looks like a space ship that has somehow landed on planet earth. There is no resemblance with other Hyundai cars at all since the Ioniq 5 is based on the E-GMP platform. An electric platform is very crucial since it frees up space and the imagination of the designer. The Ioniq 5 for example uses the pixel styling theme and has a minimalistic design. It is a large SUV but does not look so from the images while the proportions are sporty along with being mixed with the ruggedness of an SUV. There are flush door handles, aero efficient 20-inch wheels which get a unique design while the same pixel pattern also finds itself at the rear. During our drive, the car got a lot of attention too and that has got to do with the slim lamps along with the futuristic styling. If the exterior is unique then the interior is something else. The earlier mentioned electric platform means a long wheelbase and that means the Ioniq 5 has tonnes of space inside with even more than some bigger conventional fuelled SUVs. The cabin is unique since it uses recycled materials including even the paint on the surfaces use recycled and sustainable materials while there is eco-processed leather too.

The cabin is modular since you can move the centre console and the glovebox while sense of space is massive. There are far too many features on this car to list here but it gets ADAS features, connected car tech, heated/cooled and ventilated seats along with being powered while the rear seat passengers can also move the front passenger seat from the rear. The Ioniq 5 sold in India gets a rear-wheel-drive motor layout which makes 217bhp alongside 350Nm of torque while superfast charging can juice up the battery within 18 minutes along with an ample 631km. To drive, the Ioniq 5 is calm, composed and has a linear power delivery while the ground clearance makes it ideal for our roads since it will not scrape its underside. The car focuses on being a comfortable EV and that it does with very good ride quality. In-fact with its aggressive pricing at Rs 44.9 lakh, the Ioniq 5 plugs a gap for a premium electric SUV that looks unlike anything else.


The EQB is the only three row electric SUV in the market and that immediately makes it an ideal family SUV that is also electric. The styling of the EQB is also different with a blanked off grille along with a full-length light bar at the rear. We think the styling is boxy but appealing with a different perspective on an electric car as it moves away from the usual swoopy design. The SUV sports 18-inch wheels and the distinctive colour is also unique in standing out from other luxury cars. Despite its compact footprint, the EQB is a three row SUV with a decent amount of space. It is also practical with its tall roofline. Inside, you get a raft of traditional Mercedes elements mixed with gold accents all over while the dual screens offer terrific resolution. Special mention must go to the turbine like vents too. The EQB comes with a twin motor all-wheel drive configuration and as expected, we found it to be quick and sure footed. Put your foot down and the EQB charges ahead with a fast 0-100 kmph time and there is little slack in the driving experience.

Compared to conventional cars, the EQB feels refined and suited to the job of being a comfy luxury SUV which also brings an element of performance. Our car was loaded with passengers and luggage which did not make it scrape over the bad roads. The range figure is 423km while the twin motors provide a lot of fun along with more space than other EVs. Hence, the EQB is practical, quick and combines the appeal of a Mercedes SUV into the personality of an EV. Despite being imported it is also priced well and offers up decent value so yes, the EQB charges the electric space in its own different way!